What happened to people who are allergic to semen?

How difficult for people with special constitution?

Allergies are one of them

You may have heard seafood allergy, dust allergy,

Lace allergies, animal hair allergies, cold air allergies …


Xiao Jiu is going to say today

Semen allergy

Do you know?

See you for a long time!What is semen allergy?

If you hear this word for the first time, you may feel:

What ghost!Isn’t it a thing that cannot be more natural in human society?Is this allergic?

It is really so amazing.

The ingredients of semen contain dozens of specific antigens from sperm and sperm.

For most people, they will not respond to these antigens!Because the semen has special techniques to pack yourself and reduce the sensitivity of the immune system, it can protect the sperm "out of the door"!

However, there are exceptions in everything. When women’s bodies are "not cold" for this special skill, their bodies are allergic, or antigenicity in male semen enhances … allergies occur.

Semen allergy,

Although rare, don’t underestimate

Although it is not common, it is necessary to take it out to say that because it is rare, it is easy to be misunderstood as another disease, because it is not understood and cannot be resolved in time.

There is a couple. After the woman is in the same room without using a sleeve, the private parts are burning, pain, itching and vulvar edema … mental and physical strength have also declined, but they did not go to the hospital for treatment.I have not been pregnant for a year and a half, and the problem of allergies during this period has repeatedly occurred, which has seriously affected life.

Students with an allergic experience know that thieves are troubled!Not to mention the fragile and sensitive private part.

The symptoms of semen allergies vary from person to person. Except for itching, burning, erythema and local edema in the contact site of vulva and other semen.There are more people more serious -systemic reactions are dyspnea, difficulty swallowing, gastrointestinal symptoms, nasal mucosal discomfort, systemic urticaria, vascular edema, aggravated original characteristic dermatitis, vulvar vestibulus syndrome, and even evenAllergic shock.

Besides: Although it is rare, it is an allergy, and you must not underestimate it.

Some people have similar symptoms for the first time, and may not appear long after a long time.

If there are similar situations, do not be nervous and panic first. If the response is relatively mild, you can suspend the same room and wash the private parts outside with warm water. At the same time, you try to squat to let the semen flow out, and then wash the private parts again.


Men are also allergic to their own semen?Intersection

The above seems to be women, right?But in fact …

Men are also allergic to their own semen.

Some students may have heard that there is a very rare disease called Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS).

The specific manifestation is that after the release of the small tadpoles, suddenly sweating, emotional irritability, physical strength, and even no logic or memory decline.

However, the academic community has not yet been concluded. Some people say that they are allergic to their own semen, and some people think that it is the chemical imbalance of the brain.

Can semen allergies, can I applaud/ask for children?

Can!You don’t have to be afraid to prepare for pregnancy

Now we know what is going on with semen allergies, and more important questions are still there-

What should I do?Intersection

The longest distance in the world is semen allergy …

Don’t be too pessimistic, we can still give full play to the subjective motility in this matter.

Semen allergies, proper treatment can return to normal life.

· For those who have no fertility requirements: wear a sleeve!

Isolation is the most effective way to avoid semen allergies.However, things are sometimes not the most sad, only more sad -some people are also allergic to latex.

Xiaojiu can tell you here that you can apply some anti -allergic ointment or water -soluble lubricants on the allergic site; you can also choose another kind of polyurethane condom.

· For those who have fertility requirements: there are 3 ways to go

1. Anti -allergic drug

Use oral anti -perverted drugs to follow the doctor’s advice to relieve symptoms.

2. Desenside treatment

If the symptoms are severe, taking medicine cannot be relieved, you can choose desensitization treatment.Simply put, it is to gradually contact semen and gradually adapting to semen. In the future, it will not be allergic to semen.Be careful not to operate yourself, listen to your doctor’s guidance.

The deficiency is that the treatment process may be more painful, and there must be sufficient perseverance, otherwise it is difficult to persist.

3. Artificial fertilization

If the above two methods are not used, don’t despair.There is also artificial fertilization that allows you to have cute and healthy babies.

Okay, here is here.

The world is so strange ~ Don’t forget to learn after you are surprised, it is the right attitude duck ~

I hope that people who face the problem unfortunately can understand themselves and face themselves.

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