What if you are pregnant after breaking up?

Whenever people, there is almost no trouble of intimacy. Intimate relationships are not limited to the love relationship between men and women. As long as there are two intimacy to a certain degree, classmates, colleagues, friends, family members, etc. can be counted as intimate relationships.One, of course, the intimacy between men and women is the most energy and the strongest tension, so the conflict is the largest and most heartbreaking.

"Who is not fell in love at first sight?"

– Chris Doro Mallo

The process of intimacy was attracted to each other at first, and then developed romantic sparks step by step.This is a warm stage.

We all watch TV series. There is often such a scene. In a specific scene, the heroine and the male lead fell in love at first sight, or the heroine is very kind.The hostess … wait for the two to love each other later.No matter how many times have been burned, we are still attracted by the warm flame.

But the third party soon appeared. In order to get the male lead (female), the third party continued to create contradictions, causing the misunderstanding of the two. This tests their love and whether their intimate relationship is solid.Why did the two people who loved to die during the love period, maybe misunderstandings, may be strangers without trust.But I think that two people do not get their own needs, because when they fall in love, you feel that the lover in this dream will meet all your needs.

Most of these needs originated from the needs of the child’s era that have not been met. The two major needs of early childhood are the sense of belonging and confirming their importance.

Because you do n’t meet the needs, you will feel that you choose the wrong partner (lover) and start looking again.

As a result, two people had to divorce or break up. When the male lead divorced or broke up, the heroine suddenly found that he was pregnant, so he didn’t know what to do.

"Every choice has its consequences. Unfortunately, sometimes you have forgotten your choice, and the consequences emerge."

– Chris Doro • Meng

What about this!Do you want your child!Everyone’s focus is on children. Love is a matter of two people. The child is not the reason for the love of the two, nor is it an excuse for the two.

Do you want to be with this man, not to push the responsibility to the child. If you love each other, just because the children are together, you will not only be happy, but the key children will be guilty.Will not find a lover, nor will it be unfortunate because the child’s appearance is unfortunate, so don’t talk about children, because love has nothing to do with children, and children are witnessing the crystallization of your love.

There is no formula for intimacy, because everyone is unique. Although everyone has a unique individual, some principles are common.like:

Facing all the problems that cannot be solved are the same.The problem cannot be solved because we are looking for answers in a very limited source of knowledge, but we do not understand the use of our imagination and intuition to break through the problem framework.Only rely on old knowledge, people can never grow -can they grow only by absorbing new knowledge.

You may have noticed that every time you solve the problem properly, you can learn some important things.Life has become richer.

We will all play the role in this drama, which reflects the trap created by your mind.Sometimes you play the forced person to open the attacking partner with a straightforward anger.Sometimes you will decorate the rescuer and the persecutor to try to rescue your victim’s partner from the dilemma with "barbaric love".Or you play the savior and do everything to encourage your victim’s partner. It may be that you will become a victim and ask your savior’s partner for help, but the partner suddenly lose patience and converts the role of the persecutor.

Only when you are willing to be completely responsible for what happens to yourself can you get the power of choice.At different times, the choice will be different.

What we know does not make us calm, or let us understand who we are.Only when we put aside the answers that mistakenly believe it, can we get the freedom of infinite stretching.

This principle does not need to be explained, as long as we can really believe in our soul.Whether you are a victim, a persecutor or a rescuer, no matter how you play these roles for reasons, everything is not the point.The victim’s prison exists to prevent Rao’s true intimate relationship.This barrier is a test that tests your determination to pursue truth.

"Regardless of big things, the clearest one will always be your heart." – Chris Dorifu Meng

The same is true for parent -child, friends, colleagues, family members and other intimate relationships. We always play the role of victims, persecutions, and rescuers in our lives. If the other party is responsible for ourselves, we often ignore our inner needs.Attribute pain or errors to the past or others.

Yes, I also think that finding a partner is to save me, because when I was a kid, my parents were not around and lacked love. Later, because of my parents, I watched them quarrel every day. Sometimes I used me as a gas tube. I wanted to escape.So, my partner became my savior. On the one hand, he had to pay love, on the other hand, I had to guess my needs, but I ignored his needs, and I felt that it was about to be separated, but I learned to understand my and my partner’s partner.need.Our family is becoming more and more beautiful.

As far as the love of the male lead and the heroine just now, love is a matter of two people, but due to the influence of a young age, it is also the manifestation of the inner needs of the parties.Men, knowing him to accept him, facing two various reasons that appeared, finding the cause of the incident, actively resolving the contradictions, or the fast knife cut into this relationship.

Your close relationship partner is to help you know yourself more, and then heal your trauma, and finally find your true self. Therefore, intimacy is a bridge to our soul.

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