What is dizziness during pregnancy and what are the solutions?

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers have dizziness, and some are even dark in front of their eyes, and they are fainted.Some expectant mothers think that this is only a reaction of early pregnancy. It will be fine after a while. As everyone knows, there are many expectant mothers in the late pregnancy.Xiaobian Xi Bell explained here for the expectant mothers.

1. Early pregnancy reaction

Because of the role of estrogen and progesterone in women’s body after pregnancy, expectant mothers have various discomfort symptoms, such as vomiting, dizziness, frequent urination, fatigue, etc. Most of the early pregnancy mothers may experience dizziness. If it isThere is no big problem that belongs to this type of dizziness. After a period of time, it will subscribe naturally.

Solution: Pregnancy reactions with dizziness and early pregnancy occur. Specific mothers can rest, listen to soothing music, transfer attention, appropriate activities such as walking can effectively alleviate dizziness.

2. Iron deficiency anemia

In order to give the fetus sufficient oxygen and nutritional development in the abdomen, the average blood capacity increases by an average of 30 % -40 % from non-pregnancy.This anemia generally occurs during the middle of pregnancy to childbirth. If the nutrition of expectant mothers takes less nutrition, especially the lack of iron and protein supplements, it can easily lead to dizziness during pregnancy and darkening in front of her eyes.

Solution: Increase the intake of nutrients such as protein, iron, and folic acid, and eat more foods for fish, meat, eggs, milk and soy products.These nutrients are the key to hematopoietic.

Third, hypoglycemia, hypertension

Hypoglycemia and hypertension are prone to occur in the third trimester, and some expectant mothers do not eat without appetite.I don’t want to eat it does not mean that the fetus in the abdomen is unwilling to eat. The fetal development of the fetus is huge. Therefore, the expectant mothers will have hypoglycemia due to hunger, and dizziness will occur when hypoglycemia occurs.Hypertension occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy. When the hypertension of pregnancy, when the blood pressure is high, it can cause headache and dizziness, which will have a bad impact on the development of the fetus.

Solution: When the diet is balanced, when the expectant mother’s appetite is not good, a small amount can be meal. Some beneficial snacks must be replenished in time. In severe cases, they should go to the hospital in time.

Fourth, hypoxia

The more pregnancy, as the uterus continues to increase, the internal organs of expectant mothers will continue to rise, making the expectant mothers not breathe, and the fetus in the abdomen also needs to be supported. Therefore, expectant mothers often feel that they are not angry.Qi, hypoxia, leads to dizziness symptoms. In addition, the fetus will also increase the distress of the fetus due to hypoxia.

Solution: Xiaobian recommends that expectant mothers are not easy to go out at this time, reduce the frequency of activity and avoid significant actions. Do not go to a large dense public occasion and pay attention to keeping the room ventilation.

Five, mental tension

During pregnancy, expectant mothers often feel irritable, anxious, nervous, and sultry. These bad emotions can induce headaches, dizziness and other symptoms. This is due to the sudden expansion of small blood vessels in the whole body and decreased blood in the heart, resulting in a short -term head ischemia.

Solution: Specific mothers should try to keep their mentality and cheerfulness as well.In the middle and late pregnancy, you can put down your work and raise your fetus with peace of mind.

Note: This article is compiled and released by Xiba Bell’s mother and baby (SZXBBABY), and reprinting is strictly prohibited without authorization.

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