What is fetal heart buds? How long can I see fetal heart buds in pregnancy?

After pregnancy, in the first few examinations, the Beijing -Hangzhou would hear the doctor said that the fetal heart, the fetal bud, or the baby’s development of the baby would not be able to hear the fetal heart or the fetal buds.What is the fetal heart and fetal buds?If you can’t hear or see the fetal heart and fetal buds during the examination, do you indicate that the baby’s dysplasia is not developed?

Today, we give a detailed introduction to the most common professional words in the two production examinations of fetal heart and fetal buds so that all expectant mothers can understand.

The fetal heart, as the name suggests, refers to the heartbeat of the fetus.The heart is the first organs developed by the fetus. It can be heard early for a long time. Usually, doctors also evaluate the fetal development through the number of heartbeats of the fetus.

The fetal buds generally refer to the embryo from 3 to 8 weeks of pregnancy.It is used to judge the early development of the embryo.

For women with regular menstruation at 28 days, the fetal heart and fetal buds can be seen in the last 6-7 weeks of menstruation.No fetal heart and fetal buds were not found for more than 7 weeks, indicating that the embryo had stopped developing.

For women with irregular menstruation, they can be calculated according to the time of the same room or ovulation.I usually get pregnant in the same room during ovulation, and the fetal heart and fetal buds can be seen at the 4-5 weeks after ovulation.If it is not seen for more than 5 weeks, it means that the embryo has stopped developing.

Of course, it is also possible to estimate the occurrence time of fetal heart buds through the size of the germination of the first B overtime.

The appearance of fetal heart buds does not ensure that the fetus can develop normally.Usually the following three aspects may occur in embryonic development.

1. HCG growth is abnormal: HCG reflects the villus activity, and then reflects the quality of the embryo.The normal development of embryos, its HCG growth rate doubled by the next day. If its growth rate decreases significantly, it means that the embryo has the possibility of stopping development.

2. Poor supply of uterine arteries: The uterine arteries provide blood supply and nutrition for the uterus to ensure that the embryo development environment is good enough.Once the uterine arteries are abnormal, it will endanger the safety of the uterine environment, which will affect the normal development of the embryo.

3. The quality of the embryo is not good: that is, "the seeds are not good", most of which are due to abnormal embryo chromosome.This kind of embryo will stop developing sooner or later, and there are also a few "different seeds" survive, but in the later period, most of the occurrence of malformations and abnormal development.

The stopping of embryos is related to the quality of the embryo itself, and it is a natural choice rule for survival of the fittest.To a certain extent, this is not a bad thing, and when the fetus stops, forcibly protecting the fetus will not have any effect, and it will not allow the stopped embryo to develop again.

Although most of the tire stops are caused by "bad seeds", and the reason for "poor seeds" comes from the parents’ chromosomes.But for a fetal stop, there is no need to do genetic testing.

If there are multiple fetal stops, both the couple need to receive the relevant examination, find the cause of the fetal stop, and make the corresponding treatment.

Before pregnancy, the couple received health education and guidance from the maternal and child health care institutions. They had planned preparation, reasonable eating habits, regular schedules, quitting non -mashed hobbies such as tobacco and alcohol, and avoiding contact with drugs and harmful substances that could affect the normal development of the fetus.

After pregnancy, you should check regularly to ensure nutrition and pay attention to your physical condition.Discover abnormalities, seek medical treatment in time and deal with corresponding treatment.

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