What is going on with ovulation normally, but what’s going on?

Some pregnant sisters have had such troubles, and they obviously have ovulation and ovulation during the same room. Why isn’t it?

Pregnancy means that after the healthy eggs are excreted, they meet with healthy sperm in the fallopian tube and combine the fertilized eggs. After the fertilized eggs form embryos into the endometrium, the embryo is completed, and then the embryo continues to develop to form a fetus.

If you want to get pregnant smoothly, it depends on whether the other conditions of conception are available:

● Must have mature and normal sperm and eggs;

● It is necessary to have a suitable ejaculation time, such as: the same room during ovulation, the frequency of the same room is normal;

● There must be a smooth reproductive road;

● It is necessary to have a suitable childbirth environment, with a normal uterine cavity;

● The changes in the endometrium are also suitable for fertilized eggs to develop in bed;

Any abnormal one in these links may cause women infertility or difficulty in women.

Therefore, if there is ovulation but not pregnant, these reasons should be checked one by one

Folk follicles are not good

The hypothalamus, pituitary, ovarian or other endocrine glands and metabolic abnormalities, lack of luteal function, etc., can cause poor egg quality, which will affect the combination of fertilized eggs, causing women to be difficult for women to conceive children.Follicular development is mature, forming advantageous follicles, and can be combined with sperm after discharge into fertilized eggs.

Tubal disease

Such as tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, non -specific infections, etc., can cause the fallopian tube lumen blocking, adhesion or dysfunction, etc., causing sperm and eggs to fail to meet fertilization normally.If women’s fallopian tubes are blocked, water accumulation, adhesion or fallopian tube malformations, and abnormal peristalsis, these will affect the normal combination of male sperm and female eggs, hindering the normal operation of sperm and fertilized eggs, causing women to ovulate and infertilityEssence

Uterine lesion

The uterus is a place where fertilized eggs are in bed and fetal development. If the uterus has lesions, such as uterine malformations, small uterine, thin uterine endometrium, adhesion of uterine cavity, etc., it will also affect the success of the embryo.

Endocrine disorders

Endocrine is the regulator of human physiological functions, and it plays a role in the human body through secretion of hormones.If endocrine disorders will not only reduce the pregnancy rate by affecting the development of follicle development and ovarian function. If women are pregnant, they will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

Poor sperm mass

The poor sperm quality of men is also an important reason for women’s failure to get pregnant after ovulation.For example, if there are too many sperm, weak sperm, sperm -free, and deformed sperm, it may cause sperm and eggs to be unable to combine, or the quality of fertilized eggs formed by combining the formation will cause poor embryo development and even abortion.

So female friends who are in the pregnancy preparation stage

If there is an ovulation but not pregnant, it is best to go to the hospital for pre -pregnancy examination with your husband.If you still fail to get pregnant for more than a year, you need to do” Infertility” Check

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