What is the best exercise during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women move? How should I move during pregnancy? Many pregnant mothers are very concerned about this problem. Today we will give you a popular science on pregnancy exercise.

A pregnant mother asked, "How do I exercise during pregnancy? What is the way to exercise safe and convenient?" That is -walking.

The benefits of walking during pregnancy are more

01 Walking during pregnancy can control weight

Many younger generations of pregnant mothers are afraid that all the nutrients after pregnancy will become fat to entangle themselves, so that the original slim figure will choose to take a walk, and even the way to move the excess heat.

02 Walking during pregnancy can relieve fatigue

Proper exercise during pregnancy is conducive to promoting blood circulation, improving the oxygen content in the blood, and is important for eliminating fatigue and discomfort during pregnancy.

In addition, proper exercise can also enhance the appetite of pregnant mothers, provide sufficient nutritional supplies for the fetus, and promote the healthy development of the fetus.

03 Walking during pregnancy can help delivery

Exercise during pregnancy can provide sufficient physical strength for the smooth delivery of pregnant mothers, and it is also very helpful for the rapid recovery of pregnant mothers after childbirth.

Although there are many benefits, do you think walking is just walking?In fact, there are these particular attention ~

How to take a walk correctly

01 early pregnancy

After the pregnant mother was pregnant, she was not in bed in the uterus because of her fertilized eggs. At this time, the fetus was very unstable in her mother’s belly.By the second month, the embryo will develop into a baby.

But at this time, the connection between the placenta and the uterine wall is not very firm, and excessive exercise will increase the risk of abortion.

Therefore, in the first three months of the early pregnancy, in order to ensure that the fertilized eggs can successfully "run the camp" in the mother’s belly, they can grow into a healthy and developed fetus. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to rest.Proper exercise to relax.

02 Pregnancy

The fetus in the third trimester has developed a lot, and the big belly of the pregnant mother is also very obvious. For a long time, there will be irregular contractions, and the degree of contraction will be strong and weak. ThereforeEssence

Many mothers will have false contractions and stomach when they walk. At this time, they must sit down and rest.

And if you take too much walking and improper exercise in the third trimester, you will accelerate the frequent contractions, causing the stomach to tighten the position for a while, and severe pain will not only cause bleeding, which will cause adverse effects on the health of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus.

Take a walk during pregnancy. These should be done well ~

01 Full ingestion of moisture

Prepare delicious water before walking.During the walking process, water must be fully supplemented to prevent dehydration.If you walk on an empty stomach, you will be prone to fatigue, so you must eat food before walking for 1 hour.

02 full rest

When you are fatigue, you must not take a blind walk. During the walking process, you must adjust the speed appropriately according to your physical condition, so as to improve the effect of walking prenatal education.When physical fatigue or mood is low, you must rest fully.

03 Road selection

If you are pregnant, the joints will relax, so it is easy to be acidic.When walking, it is best to go flat.In addition, going downhill will increase the burden on the abdomen, so it is recommended to take a walk on the flat dirt road or lawn.

04 breathing method

If you want to breathe a lot of fresh air, you must pay attention to breathing methods.Inhale with your nose deeply, exhale with your mouth, and practice breathing methods by walking.

05 Correct treatment

When walking, the correct posture is very important.If you walk down, you will increase the burden on the neck and shoulders.Don’t be too big, it is best to move your feet often.

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