What is the best to eat iron during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, with the increase of the blood capacity of the pregnant mother and the growth and development of the fetus, a large amount of iron requires a large amount of iron.Anemia can affect the growth and development of the fetus and damage its intelligence.To make matters worse, pregnant mothers born with iron deficiency anemia are also prone to iron deficiency anemia in the infantile period.So, what is the best to eat iron during pregnancy?

"Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2016" makes key recommendations for women during pregnancy. Women in pregnancy should "eat iron -rich foods often."

In the middle and late pregnancy, you can take 20 ~ 50g of red meat on the basis of 40 ~ 75g of red meat at the original (early pregnancy) of red meat every day.Increase 20 ~ 50g of animal liver or animal blood by 1 to 2 times a week, so as to provide 7-15 mg iron for women during pregnancy.

The reason why they choose red meat, animal liver, and animal blood, because they are rich in heme iron (about 40%of the total iron content), the human body can be absorbed directly.%, And is not affected by dietary factors.If the body needs to be large, there are more absorption, and the amount of reserves is more absorbed. It is a very safe, fast and practical iron supplement food.

Red meat is the most convenient and safest blood supplement. The smaller the cutting is, the better the absorption effect, such as meat filling (becoming dumplings, dumplings, ravioli, meatballs, etc.).

Animal liver and animal blood, you must buy safe and healthy supermarkets (meat shops) when purchasing.And it is particular about the cooking of animal liver.It is best to use slippery or boiled soup (drinking the soup together), which can effectively retain the iron.

At the same time, in order to increase the absorption of iron, the diet should be more intake in meat and foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B2, and organic acid -rich foods.

In addition, try to choose iron reinforcement foods in the diet, such as iron to strengthen flour, add iron soy sauce, etc. Pay attention to the "strengthen nutritional food" logo when purchasing.

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