What is the breast tingling?Is it breast cancer?What symptoms may be a sign of breast cancer?

Almost all women had breast pain, especially the tingling sensation that suddenly appeared inadvertently, and also caused trouble to many female friends.In fact, there is no need to be anxious. Breast tingling is not as equal to breast cancer. It can even be said that most breast tingling is not breast cancer.The most common manifestations of breast cancer are painless masses. Only a few patients are the main clinical manifestations.

Why does it cause tingling?

Breast tingling is mainly because the nerve endings are stimulated, and it can generally be divided into physiological tingling or pathological tingling.Physiological tingling is common in adolescence or menstrual periods. Pathological pain is usually found in breast tumors and inflammation. Breast tumors compress the invasion of nerves and breast inflammation stimulate nerves. They may cause breast tingling sensation.

How to determine whether it is sick?

First of all, we need to pay attention to whether there are other abnormalities in addition to breast tingling, such as whether the self -examination can touch the mass of the breast, whether the nipples are bleeding and depression, etc. If the breast tingling and these abnormal conditions are accompanied, we must timely timely be sureGo to the hospital for treatment.If it is simply breast tingling, you can also pass a clear diagnosis through B -ultrasound, molybdenum target, nuclear magnetic and other examinations. The doctor will issue a corresponding examination according to the patient’s basic situation, the nature of pain, and the results of the examination.shape.

What is the symptoms that we pay more attention to?

① Breast lumps: It is touched in the breast, especially the painless blocks with unclear boundaries and poor mobility. Be sure to further improve imaging examinations.

② nipple depression: If the nipples have newly discovered depression, especially unilaterally, and the depressed nipples can be touched around the nipples, it is more alert to the possibility of breast cancer.

③ Nipple hemorrhage: When the nipples bleed, or the color of the flowing liquid becomes darker, be sure to go to the hospital for further examination.Especially the case of unilateral nipples and can touch the breast lumps, we must even be alert to breast cancer.

④ Skin changes: If the skin appears "dimple -like" or "orange skin -like" changes, at the same time accompanied by breast mass, be alert to the occurrence of breast cancer.

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