What is the effect of sleeping on the baby for the baby?These 2 points have to know, don’t care, don’t care

My wife does not go to work after pregnancy and raises her fetus every day.But I feel that she may not be as laws of life at work. After all, she won’t stay up all night to brush the drama every night, and go to bed late.Although I do not oppose her own hobbies and living habits, I always worry that my wife will affect her physical health and the growth and development of my baby.In fact, staying up late for pregnant mothers is really harmful. Next, let’s take a look at the impact of staying up late on the fetus and what is the most likely to cause the mother to sleep late?

The effect of night sleep on the baby

1. Slow fetal development

Mom sleeping for a evening will affect fetal development because staying up late will cause pregnant mothers to rise blood pressure, but also cause endocrine disorders and affect metabolism.At that time, not only will the mother’s own physique decrease, the skin will deteriorate, but also makes the baby grow slowly, light weight, and even insufficient renal essence.Moreover, if the pregnant mother stays up late for a long time to stay up late, it will also affect the blood circulation of the body. At that time, it may cause hypoxia in the baby’s fetus and increase the risk of miscarriage. Be sure to pay attention!

2. Crying after birth

If the pregnant mother often stays up late, it is easy to endocrine disorders. By then, her temper will become flammable and explosive, and loves angry, which will affect the development of the fetus.quiet.Therefore, staying up late, pregnant mothers must change.

The reason why my mother sleeps late

1. Back pain

In addition to you do not want to sleep, pregnant mothers may also stay passively because of some physical reasons, such as back pain.This is mainly due to the larger and larger pregnancy belly, which is caused by the lumbar spine of the mother.To alleviate this symptom, it is necessary to put a pregnant woman’s pillow on the back waist at night.Pregnant women’s pillows can provide support for the waist of pregnant mothers, help you share the weight of the fetus, thereby alleviating your pressure.

2. Swell legs and feet

After the pregnant mother arrives in the middle of pregnancy, the symptoms of swollen legs and feet will gradually appear, which will affect the quality of sleep.Want to reduce the swelling level of legs and feet, soak your feet before going to bed, let your husband help massage, relax your leg muscles, and put a small pillow on your feet while sleeping.Swelling!

3. Insomnia

Many pregnant mothers have insomnia due to psychological stress, especially the closer to production, the more frequent this phenomenon occurs.If you want to fall asleep every night, in addition to the pregnant mother who wants to regulate your mood, you can also try to relax your nerves by exercise, watching drama and other methods.In addition, drinking a glass of milk before going to bed is more conducive to sleep, pregnant mothers can try it!

After reading this article, I hope that pregnant mothers who stay up late can be changed as soon as possible.And the pregnant mother who can’t sleep alone can also find a "hypnosis" method that suits you, so as to be more conducive to fetal development!

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