What is the impact of constipation after pregnancy?Don’t worry, learn these 3 tricks, constipation will no longer disturb

Pregnancy is believed to be a very happy thing for every family member.

This not only means the birth and arrival of a new life, but also that from then on, the family can be full of children’s fun at any time, and even the noise of the child has become a good thing worthy of commemorative.

The pregnant mother has become the key protection object at home since she knew her pregnancy.They are often required to eat more and sleep more, but in addition to the general symptoms such as pregnancy, swelling of hands and feet during pregnancy during pregnancy, constipation problems often occur.

Pregnant pregnancy was already a very hard thing. If constipation occurs again, it will be painful.Normal people are uncomfortable when they suffer from constipation, and it is even more popular for pregnant mothers.

According to relevant research reports, 85%of pregnant women will have different degrees of constipation.Long -term constipation does not alleviate, and hemorrhoids are prone to occur.

(1) Hormon change

During pregnancy, the hormones in the body will change, affecting the normal motility of the stomach.Hormones will slow down the movement of the stomach and intestines and weaken digestion.

In addition, pregnant women will consume a large amount of food every day to maintain the energy required by the mother and baby, so that the stomach can not digest food in time, causing more and more food in the intestine, forming constipation.

(2) Uterine compression of the large intestine

As the pregnant woman’s pregnancy time is extended, the baby will grow longer and bigger, the uterus will increase, and the oppression of the large intestine will increase day by day.

The collapse of the large intestine began to become slow, and the digestive ability decreased. The time for food to stay in the intestine increased, accumulating the intestinal tract, forming constipation.

(3) Pelvic congestion

After pregnancy, pregnant women gathered more blood to maintain the supply of new life.This will take away blood supply in other parts of the body.The gastrointestinal digestive function that requires a large amount of blood is easy to reduce, and the digestive ability is greatly weakened.

The food has been accumulated in the intestine for a long time, causing the water in the intestine to be absorbed by it, and the environment in the intestine begins to become dry. The water in the stool is insufficient.

(1) Supplement soluble dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is a carbohydrate that cannot be absorbed by the human body.Looking at it further, dietary fiber can be divided into soluble dietary fiber and unswerving dietary fiber.

Among them, the soluble dietary fiber can adsorb the water of 10-15 times the weight of its own, which greatly increases the volume of the feces, stimulates the acceleration of intestinal peristalsis and generates the intention.At the same time, the feces that sucks water is softened, which greatly reduces the difficulty of defecation.

The soluble dietary fiber is also the "food" of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.A sufficient amount of soluble dietary fiber intake can be used to proliferate the beneficial bacteria of the intestinal tract.Yikuntang hybrid fruit candy is a water -soluble dietary fiber required by the human body. It can safely supplement beneficial bacteria for the intestine, remove the toxins that can paralyze intestinal motility, and treat pregnant women with no side effects.Essence

(2) Pay attention to diet

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those fruits and vegetables that are rich in dietary fiber.Such as apples, bananas, carrots, etc., these foods can supplement sufficient nutrition and moisture for the body, and can stimulate the stomach to peristaltic and accelerate the digestion of food.

If you don’t know what to eat, you might as well eat those foods that are easy to fart.The reason why they are easy to produce is precisely because they are rich in soluble dietary fiber.The intestinal beneficiary bacteria decompose these soluble dietary fiber, which can produce gas.

The so -called appropriate amount is to be added to the recipe as the ingredients, which is appropriate to not cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Of course, pregnant women also need to drink plenty of water, replenish water in time and directly to the body, ensure that the intestines are sufficient in water, soften feces, and prevent constipation in advance.

(3) Moderate exercise

Most pregnant women are required to sleep more by the elderly at home to prevent accidents.But in fact, moderate exercise is good for pregnant women.A moderate amount of exercise can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, so that the stomach is not easy to form inertia, and maintains a state of efficient work.

Of course, the exercise of pregnant women should not be excessive and excessive.Recommended walking, simple yoga, etc. can coordinate all parts of the body and ensure that pregnant women have sufficient strength.

In this way, the safety of pregnant women during production can also be conducive to postpartum recovery. The most important thing is to prevent constipation.

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