What is the long spots on the face of a pregnant woman 9 moves to prevent pregnancy spots?

Long spots during pregnancy are common pregnancy phenomena. Studies have shown that up to 70%of pregnant women with dark plaques appear on the skin of pregnant women, which are usually called pregnancy spots (scientific names are melasma or dark spots).So what is going on with spots on the face of pregnant women?What should I do if there are spots on the face of pregnant women?I will introduce them one by one for your reference.

What is going on on the face of pregnant women’s face?

After women are pregnant, all systems of the whole body will change, and the skin is no exception.It may be brown spots that appear to be distributed with butterfly -shaped faces with butterfly -shaped faces.

It is currently believed that this may be related to the increase in black cells in the body after pregnancy.Perhaps because of the increase in estrogen and progesterone in the body after pregnancy, it stimulates the results of melanocytes.In addition, it is also related to personal constitution, not every pregnant woman appears.

If this kind of melasma appears on the face after pregnancy, do not care too much, usually gradually subspeges naturally after giving birth.If you pay attention to reducing strong sunlight to ensure sufficient sleep, eat a lot of high -quality protein, vitamin B1, Vitamin C’s food, can control the deepening of pigment to a certain extent.

What should I do if there is a spots on the face of a pregnant woman?

1. Supplement vitamins.

During the childbirth period, more vitamin C should be consumed, and foods rich in vitamin C, such as tomatoes, strawberries, vegetables, etc.

2. Regular living habits.

During the birth of the birth, expectant mothers should pay attention to their daily life and rest and adhere to the health of health.Maintain adequate sleep and ensure regular eating habits.

3. Reduce direct sunlight.

Although the sun can help health, the direct sunlight can cause pigment growth and deepen the pregnancy spots, which is not conducive to later cure.

4. Frequent skin massage.

Skin massage can increase blood circulation and keep its metabolism normal.It can also make the skin more flexible and improve the skin’s resistance to melanin.

5. Stable mentality.

Try to reduce the strong fluctuations of emotions. The fluctuations of emotions will not only affect the development of the baby, but also affect the mother’s skin, deepen their pregnancy spots, and are not conducive to postculture treatment.

6. Care with skin care products for pregnant women.

Pregnant mothers can also use pregnant women’s skin care products for skin care. However, under the guidance of a doctor, you must choose the skin care product that suits them to effectively hydrate the skin and play a role in brightening the skin color.

7. Eat more tomatoes.

Drink 1 cup of tomato juice or eat tomatoes frequently, which is very effective for lighting freckles.Vitamin C, inhibits the activity of tyrosinase in the skin, reduces the formation of melanin, makes the skin fair and tender, and the dark spots are light.

8. Maintain weight or decrease.

During breeding, expectant mothers will take too much nutritional food for their children’s health, which will have a bad impact on the mother and make them metabolism in early summer.Therefore, the body’s weight should be controlled during the childbirth to avoid growth too fast.

9. Choose the appropriate fruits to apply.

Fruit compress is the most natural and effective skin care method, and it is also widely welcomed by beauty lovers.But not all fruits are suitable for applying face.Because the fruit acid and pigment components contained in some fruits are very heavy, it will cause the skin to change black.It is best to use flesh and melon meat. For example, the white meat of winter melon is a good choice, but you need to be careful when choosing the peel.

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