What is the reaction of the other half after pregnancy?Speaking of a good day, I sent a circle of friends

When I was pregnant, I called and told my husband, and then he sat very arrogantly on the table with his legs. He asked his leader to leave me to accompany me to do a B -ultrasound, and then fell down from the table to the ankle.Four stitches.

We are still a student. He said to me seriously that when you have a marriage, you have a big harm to you.

I just opened a shop, and I found pregnancy soon.The shop asked my friends to take over, I rest, tell the male ticket to be pregnant, he is happy like a child.I told him in the future, "You want to bring two children." Because I am a few years younger than him, and love to play, he is also happy.

We prepared pregnancy in advance after we got married. I got up and checked ourselves that morning, because there was a situation that my aunt was postponed before, so I didn’t care too much.Come here and ask me, I didn’t respond yet, and he found that the result was to go to the hospital and report the goodbye. Now my son is more than two years old.

The aunt was delayed for four days, and she did not notice it. In the early morning, her boyfriend asked me to test it.The boyfriend said that he would sleep again, woke up to the hospital to check it. As a result, the two people fell asleep again, and the hospital was examined in the afternoon.After the inspection, I immediately called and told his parents that I was ready to get married, so we will get married for a month.

My husband and I have not been pregnant for 3 years. I checked that my husband had no problem.Specializing in Nanjing asked experts and experts, "Cut the fallopian tubes of the stagnant water and be a test tube baby." At that time, I was desperate and no hope.But after a few months, I was naturally pregnant. At that time, I rushed to the my husband who was still reading in the quilt and cried.I said I was pregnant, and my husband didn’t look at me at a glance.Later, he was determined that he was pregnant, and he laughed. Then he was doing four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. His son’s photo came out like him.I always imagined that he knew that I didn’t cry after I was pregnant, but he was surprisingly calm.It ’s 8 months after the day after tomorrow, and my son was going to meet him for more than a month. I see that he was calm.

There are more than three months of marriage for more than three months, and a very shallow second bar was tested on the same day. My husband said that there is a problem with the test strip. Later, I was tested several times.Every day holding me, I said that the little hens who bought it finally came to the chick. I was drunk. I wanted to see pets like my eyes, and I did n’t do anything since then.What, after pregnancy, I often told me: My wife has worked hard, and when the little cub comes out, let me toss my wife!Haha, it should be a good family, and the father -in -law and mother -in -law are also very good.

After graduating with her boyfriend for 3 years, I have been married after two years. Now he has not saved it. My dad has never been optimistic about him. I was pregnant unexpectedly some time ago.Saying this can’t be asked, or I must be criticized if I go home.Then he stunned and confirmed that he really worked with me many times, and then accompanied me to the hospital. At first, I was okay. He kept saying that he was a father, do you want to fight with his mother?The phone said he was going to be a grandma.I also said that our children will say a lot of Alaba. I said that I cried all. Finally, he told me after the operation, seeing me in a wheel and scaring.I felt strangely ruthless. At that time, if I said that marriage was also willing, hey!

When he was pregnant, he was in the army and told him that he was going to be a father, and he was surprised.Tell me, my wife is sorry, your first mother’s joy did not let you realize it. I hope for an understanding. I do n’t have to take care of myself by your side. I miss you with your baby … Later, The baby is gone, he did not blame me, told me, the baby is gone, it ’s okay, we can still ask for the child in the future. You must take care of yourself. I owe you too much.Double compensation for you, it is really difficult during that time, and I have come over ……..

When my husband knew that I was pregnant, I didn’t say anything!I asked him to accompany me to the hospital to confirm, and did not say or not. Later, the family said that she would get married when she was pregnant!He said nothing.At that time, he was 23, and now Dabao is almost four years old. He is pregnant with a second child. He tells him that he said that he would be born when he was pregnant. After all, he also wanted a second child!But I don’t want it at all. Sometimes I still say, anyway, you are not with me anyway, maybe you do n’t know if you hit you one day!

I told my boyfriend that I was pregnant. His first reaction was that he was born. What are you afraid of? When you check the twins, you are happy, and then go home and talk to the family. All of them are very happy.It is the first twin in their family history.

When I knew I was pregnant, I had broken up with my boyfriend for a week at that time. I couldn’t help looking for him. After meeting, the first sentence: I am pregnant!He said: Go to your mother, and now it’s my daughter’s father!

It was Children’s Day that day. He was still sleeping. After I tested two bars, he shook him to let him see. He glanced at him, turned over, turned back again, rolling on the bed, struggling to groan with him, struggling to moan.Tao, good days are coming, ah, good days are over, and then send a circle of friends.

The aunt was postponed for a week, and it was not right to hit the mahjong halfway.He called his husband and told him that he was going to be a dad, and he hung up the phone.At that time, my mahjong had no mood and wanted to go to the hospital!As a result, the mobile phone received a text message immediately, and the two words were "happy" above.

I didn’t know when I was pregnant, then I was inexplicable. My husband took me to buy test strips. The test strip I bought was wrapped in a red bag. My husband said it was a good sign, God will, and then I couldn’t wait to check it home.I have no patience. After waiting for a minute or a bars, I guess I was not pregnant, so I threw the trash can. My husband was stupid to pull out the pregnancy test stick next to the trash can.After a shallow second bar, it was called an excitement. He was scared by many infertile couples around him, for fear that he would not be able to give birth.

I told him that I was pregnant. He said I’m sorry. Otherwise, the heart was particularly painful at the time. Now it is separated. Objectively, he thinks he is very scum, but he still likes him very much.

I heard a funny one before. Her husband called her mother -in -law and said, if you are pregnant, if you are a girl, you will be a grandma. If you are a boy and my dad, you will be grandpa.Laughing crazy, did he probably do not do it at the same time?

The menstrual period is not allowed. Basically once every two months, the doctor said that it is not easy to get pregnant. I used to pay attention to it. I didn’t pay attention to listening to the doctor., My husband hugs me, and doesn’t want to get married so early. Alas, I destroyed the doctor in my life.

I was pregnant, because I couldn’t get married for my own reasons. I secretly went to the abortion myself yesterday. When he returned, he asked me to pay a child to him. I would like to pay.

My husband was preparing to take me to the supermarket that night, I tried it, and then there were two bars, and then I was stunned. Obviously my husband was also stunned, but soon reacted to take you to take you to the supermarket to buy it.When I ate it, I started crying and crying for half an hour. My husband said that this was not mine. What do you cry, because at that time, our career was just starting, but I still gave birth to the child. Now the child is cute., Our career has also been on the right track, and the car houses have all. Children are our blessing.

I have been married for three years, and we do n’t want children.One day, my husband suddenly sent me a message saying that he dreamed that we had twins, and I must have it, and she was pregnant.I also laughed at him, and after a month, I had it.So drunk!

My husband helped me get a test sheet, and then excited for several days to calm down the stairs. I was almost awakened. Now my son is on the seventeenth day today. It is very cute, healthy, and love.

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