What is the reason why Teddy vomit yellow water?

Teddy dogs are the most likely dogs who like to raise. In the process of raising Teddy, more owners will encounter the phenomenon of Teddy vomiting yellow water and yellow Mo. Today, share the reason why Teddy vomit yellow water and yellow Mo.Essence

Teddy dogs appear vomiting yellow water and yellow Mo, which are generally problems with gastrointestinals.One of the more common reasons is hunger. The teddy dog has irregular diet. After a few days of hunger, or if you eat only some snacks, it will appear to spit yellow water and yellow.A small amount of food mixed with food that is not completely digested.

In addition to being hungry for too long, the teddy dog eats too much and eats too quickly, causing gastrointestinal indigestion, and it will also stimulate the gastrointestinal vomiting and yellow water.The shoveling officer must pay more attention to the stomach health of the teddy dog, and eat less meals to reduce the burden on gastrointestinal and intestines.

Dogs are curious and their mouths are relatively boring, so it is easy to eat foreign objects that are not easy to digest and stimulate gastric mucosa, such as plastic bags, cloth, hair, bone, leather fragments and so on.When the teddy dog eats foreign bodies by mistake, it will spit yellow water and yellow.

If the teddy dog has a parasite in the body, its normal function of the stomach will be damaged, the digestion and absorption deteriorate, and it is also easy to occur in the phenomenon of nausea and vomiting yellow water.

Due to the irregular diet and improper feeding, dogs can cause gastrointestinal inflammation.Gastitis is the reason why a dog vomit yellow water and yellow foam, and if it is serious, there will also be vomiting brown liquid!

The teddy dog itself is a variety of dogs that are prone to pancreatitis. Early Teddy dogs of pancreatitis will also experience vomiting and yellow Mo. As the inflammation worsens, there will also be bow back abdominal pain, weakness, vomiting liquid color partial colors.Red, you need to go to the hospital for a physical examination to determine the accuracy.

1. Eat regularly, so that the teddy dogs can eat less and eat and eat regularly. It is not easy to vomit because of hunger or eating too much and too urgent to eat.

2. Training correction, training Teddy dogs to learn to refuse food, no longer pick up food on the ground, and do not curious to swallow foreign objects.

3. Do a good job of deworming, and regularly use the teddy dog for deworming in the body according to the effect of insect repellent to prevent gastrointestinal health from being damaged!

4. Feed probiotics. When the teddy dog spit yellow water and yellow foam, you can feed some probiotics to regulate the stomach.At the same time, gastrointestinal health recovery after gastrointestinal health and pancreatitis can be used.

5. For medical examinations for the hospital, if the teddy dog spit yellow water and yellow foam, accompanied by symptoms of rising body temperature, abdominal pain, and poor mental symptoms, you should go to the hospital for physical examination and professional treatment in time.

6. Choose a digestible staple food. After the teddy dog spit yellow water and yellow foam, the staple food should choose light and low fat, easy to digest dog food.Like "non -greasy dog food" is very good, dog food is light and low fat, animal protein is abundant, and predicament can help digestion and absorption. It is suitable for Teddy dogs with poor gastrointestinal absorption.foam.

Conclusion: Have you ever spit yellow water in your teddy dog?

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