What is the use of folic acid?What are the side effects of folic acid?The problem about folic acid is here

Folic acid seems to be a must -use medicine for all pregnant women and pregnant women, but is it really necessary for everyone to supplement folic acid?What are the precautions for taking folic acid?Let’s talk about folic acid.

1. What is folic acid and folic acid?

Folic acid is vitamin B9, which is a kind of water -soluble vitamin that exists in various types of animal and plant foods, such as more content in green leafy vegetables and dry yeast.Because folic acid is easy to break down at high temperature, and Chinese people prefer to eat cooked food, most of the food contained in foods is broken down, which causes most Chinese people to have insufficient folic acid intake.

Folic acid can jointly promote the production and maturity of cells with vitamin B12 during pregnancy. At the same time, folic acid is also an essential substance for fetal nerve development.During pregnancy, pregnant women’s demand for folic acid is four times higher than normal people. Therefore, doctors recommend that pregnant women or pregnant women supplement folic acid.

How to supplement folic acid?

Due to the different absorption rate of natural folic acid and synthetic folic acid, it is recommended that pregnant women consume natural folic acid or 0.6mg of synthetic folic acid in 1 mg of food per day.Some pregnant women do not lack folic acid and do not need to supplement folic acid.Because some folic acid will be intake in daily diet, it is recommended that pregnant women or women prepare for pregnant women take 0.3 mg to 0.6mg of folic acid daily.

However, it is recommended to obtain folic acid from food as much as possible to eat more animal liver, kiwi, egg yolk, milk, carrot and other foods rich in folic acid.Try not to heat at high temperatures when eating these foods to prevent folic acid from decomposing at high temperatures.

Third, the side effects of too many folic acid

Normal people do not exceed 1 mg of folic acid daily. If too much folic acid intake, it may cause the following problems:

1. Too much folic acid will cover up early symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. If a mother lacks vitamin B12, it will cause damage to the fetal nervous system.In order to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency, it is impossible to find that pregnant women can take composite vitamin B tablets intermittently.

2. Taking folic acid will fail the anticonic drugs, leading to seizures.Therefore, if pregnant women are taking anticonic drugs, they need to ask the doctor if she can take folic acid.

3. Taking amount of folic acid will reduce the appetite of pregnant women, the occurrence of abdominal pain, and the symptoms of nausea and vomiting will be aggravated in the early stages of pregnancy.

4. How to choose folic acid

There are two types of folic acid and health products. These two folic acid have a very obvious logo in product packaging. It is recommended that pregnant women choose drug folic acid when buying, because the production, supervision requirements, approval, and experiments of various drugs are veryStrict, but healthy products are almost not needed.Although the price of medicines is more than a dozen or even dozens of times lower than health products, the effect is much better than health products. Do not be confused by various publicity slogans of health products.

I hope that every mother can be healthy and healthy babies.

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