What is the use of the black line on the stomach of a pregnant woman?Can you judge men and women?Many people will appear after pregnancy

What is the use of black lines in the abdomen of pregnant women?Can you judge men and women?Many women will find a black line in their stomach after pregnancy.

According to this old man, this black line can judge men and women.is this real?What is the black line of pregnant women’s abdomen?

In fact, the black line of pregnant women’s abdomen not only discovered during pregnancy, but also existed in everyone.It is an important anatomy in medicine.

However, the black line on ordinary people is not obvious.Until pregnancy, the color of this black line will become particularly dark, which will become what we call pregnancy.How is the midline of pregnancy?Pregnancy usually becomes obvious at 2-4 months of pregnancy, but due to individual differences, the color depth and length of the midline of pregnancy are different.

It is formed due to changes in hormones in women during pregnancy.For people with thick hair or high pigment content, the midline of pregnancy will be more obvious.The midline of the pregnancy is located in the middle of the abdomen and extends up to the chest.

With the progress of pregnancy, the black line will become more and more obvious.Can I really judge men and women in the middle of pregnancy?Many elderly people say that from the middle of pregnancy, we can see whether the fetus is male or female.

Specifically: the darker the black line, the more straight, the more likely it is male treasure; the color below the navel is darker, and the color above the navel is lighter. It can extend to the chest to form a straight line.The probability of a baby boy is higher; others say that those with black lines on the left are more likely to have male treasures.In fact, judging that men and women have no scientific basis.In the early days of pregnancy, the black line was relatively shallow, because progesterone mainly provided the foundation for the implantation of fertilized eggs during this period.

But with the formation of the placenta, the black line will become more and more obvious.In addition, the birth of boys with famous women is determined by chromosome.When fertilization, if a man carry X chromosome and combines with eggs, a girl will produce; if you carry Y chromosomes, you will have a boy.

In other words, the gender of the fetus is determined by the chromosomes carried by sperm, so it is best not to believe those rumors that judge men and women.How to eliminate the midline of pregnancy?Even if you are pregnant, expectant mothers want to be beautiful, so how can this black line be removed?

Experts say this black line is a product of progestin secretion.After the baby was born, the hormone in the body returned to normal, and the black line naturally faded, up to two years.If you try to get rid of it, it will hurt your baby.Then let it go.After all, this is what every mother needs to experience.

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