What kind of experience is pregnancy?How hurts to have children?This article is too complete

Pregnancy can be said to be one thing that most women have to experience.However, because of the unknown of the process, there are always some worry and fear of the process. From a personal perspective, I will share with you some things and attention to the process of pregnancy and production.I hope it will be helpful for everyone’s expectant mothers.”What kind of experience is the child who gave birth to a child in this issue?

My pregnancy process is not so smooth. Around October 2017, it was my first pregnancy. At that timeEssence

But this excitement did not last long, because when I went to the hospital for the first time to do the B -ultrasound, the doctor told me that there was no fetal heart and fetal buds (from the last menstrual period, then I was about 50 days of pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, under normal circumstances, it was normal.The fetus will have fetal heart sprouts at 50 or 60 days, but each person’s menstrual cycle will be different. It is recommended that mothers who prepare pregnant must remember their menstrual date, so that the doctors can accurately calculate you in the later period.Number of pregnancy weeks).

At that time, my mood became uneasy. The doctor asked me to review it for 1 to 2 weeks. I can imagine how complicated my mood is in those two weeks.As a result, unfortunately, when I went to the review two weeks later, I did not see the fetal heart and fetal buds. At that time, I had been pregnant for nearly 70 days, and the doctor made a diagnosis: the embryo quality was not good, it was recommended to have an abortion, and the more you dragged me back to me.The more unfavorable your body.

In desperation, with a sad mood, I decided to perform abortion surgery with my husband. Now I still remember when I walked out of the hospital, I cried, and my husband comforted me beside him. He said:Our baby is not ready, and when you raise your body, he will definitely come back to us again.

The feeling of being lost after getting it is very uncomfortable. I hope that Mom Bao will not have this experience in life.

After doing abortion, I resting at home for half a month, I returned to my job. After I went to the company, I heard that a colleague said that there was an exactly the same as my situation. Of course, his son is more than one year old.It is undoubtedly a great encouragement for me.I know that since it is incomparable, the most important thing is to adjust their mood and make persistent efforts, the child will definitely come back.

After more than a year of adjustment, I drank Chinese medicine in the middle, took folic acid in advance, often running and skipping the exercise with my husband, and I felt that I was fully prepared.

In the first half of 2020, I found that I was pregnant again. At that time, I was so happy. I felt that my child came back to me. This time I was particularly careful, thinking that I couldn’t lose it anymore.

Since I was pregnant, during the process of getting duty, I have been picking up the car, and I have never gotten to get off work alone.Some people may say: Too arrogant, don’t you be pregnant?But for a mother who has failed once, I really can’t stand the toss, so I will be careful.

Fortunately, the fetus developed well this time, and I saw the fetal heart buds in more than 50 days. When I heard the doctor say "everything is normal", I really burst into tears and was not exaggerated at all.

But what was worried about happened again, the doctor told me that "the child has a vein cyst cyst." For the first time when I was a mother, I heard the words of the cysts suddenly stupid.Most fetuses will be available, and most of them will be absorbed slowly with the growth of the gestational week. "

In this way, I was embarrassed for 1 month, and I was absorbed when I reviewed it again.

After these two times, although I finally turned into danger, I really felt the sentence deeply: having a child is to upgrade the monsters, testing the mother’s ability.

In the first three months, my pregnancy vomiting response was not so great, my work intensity was okay, and I could get to get off work normally, so everything was within the tolerance.The only change is that sleeping more every day, and sleep after eating at home, so that when the files were built in three months, the weight increased by 8 pounds. Compared with normal standards, 8 pounds were already very much.Many pregnant mothers with relatively large pregnancy reactions have not increased their weight in the first three months, which is normal.

Therefore, the doctor reminded me to exercise appropriately every day, and sleep without eating, so if the weight grows too quickly is not good for the fetus.

Since then, after eating every day, I have been walking properly at home to prevent excessive weight growth, but fortunately control it.

In terms of diet, the taste of pregnant women after pregnancy will change with the secretion of estrogen in your body.For example, I used to like eggs, but I ca n’t smell the smell of eggs after pregnancy. This is a normal phenomenon.Pregnant women can choose nutritious foods according to the change of taste.There is no need to make up for the first three months, supplement protein, and eat more foods and other foods.You can also download an app during pregnancy. The things on it are very complete. What should you eat and not eat.

After three months, the pregnancy reaction will basically be greatly relieved.For pregnant mothers with a pregnancy reaction, three months are a threshold, and they return to heaven from hell at once. At this time, what should you do.Of course, it is also necessary to vary from person to person. Some pregnant mothers will ease until the fourth month of pregnancy.

At the stage of stable growth, you can also check on time, pay attention to diet, and pay attention to rest. The main thing is to maintain a good mood. This is really very important.People who are mothers are glass hearts. Whenever they have a little abnormal response, they will think whether it ’s bad for children. In fact, this mentality is not good, so pregnant mothers maintain a stable mentality.It’s okay to listen to music, walk with my husband, and talk to the baby, which is good for children’s development.

The most exciting thing may be that when the baby has fetal movement, most of them will have fetal movements in about 19 to 20 weeks.That feeling is very different from the previous feeling. The child is like an elf, moving in your belly, making people feel extremely excited.

I still remember that I felt the child’s fetal movement for the first time. I ate a little peppers. Suddenly I felt that my belly seemed to be kicked, and the beginning of the fetal movement.I also joked with the old public: Is it spicy to the child, so he was kicking me.

After fetal movement, my mother can want to interact with her child, put prenatal education music, or let Dad tell him stories. This is an effective way to interact.The child really feels. At 7 o’clock in the evening, I asked my husband to talk to the child. Every time I speak, the child’s response will be very large.It feels very magical.

There are three major levels of pregnancy: the early NT, the mid -term abnormalities, the small row, and the color ultrasound in the later period. After these major levels, the pregnant mother can be given birth.

By the time of pregnancy, many pregnant women have reached difficulty, their legs and feet will be swollen, and they are accompanied by some other discomforts, such as pubic pain, unsatisfactory sleep at night, difficulty breathing, and so on.

So at this time, my husband plays a great role. On the one hand, he wants to give you psychological comfort and companionship, and on the other hand, you must help you reduce some burden from the body, such as pinching you shoulders and pinching your legs.Category.

As the saying goes: What kind of husband did you marry, you know once you are pregnant, this is true.

In the early stage of production, the first pregnancy mothers will be very nervous, which is understandable, because everyone has not experienced such a major event after all.But the more you have at this time, the more you have a mentality of being in danger, because the more nervous, the more disadvantaged it is to your production.

I saw the red 8 days before the due date. At that time, I immediately told my husband that it was just Saturday, and my husband did not go to work.After I found that when I saw it, I took a bath, thinking that if I was going to give birth, I couldn’t take a bath within a few days.

However, in addition to seeing red at that time, there were no other symptoms, so we considered whether to go to the hospital. Finally, we decided to go to the hospital for the sake of insurance.Go to the hospital doctor for fetal heart monitoring, everything is normal.However, because there is no contraction, the doctor asked us to come back, saying that when there was a contraction, he would rush to the hospital.

After returning home, I was waiting for the child to start quietly.It wasn’t until the next morning that I had irregular contractions, but I thought that the doctor who would go to the hospital would definitely let it go back, because the hospital we went to is the provincial three hospitals, and the bed is very tense.

The doctor also asked the doctor, and the doctor told us: When the contraction rules are the law, hurry to the hospital.

By the time at eleven o’clock in the evening, the contraction was to every ten minutes, and every ten seconds, we hurried to the hospital.I went to the hospital for an emergency clinic and went to the hospital. The doctor went to the hospital for an internal examination, and said that the palace mouth came a little bit.

I still remember the feeling of internal inspection, that sourness is really unforgettable for a lifetime.And the most embarrassing thing is that a very handsome male doctor gave me an internal examination, but at that time, I didn’t care so much, and I didn’t feel that there was anything wrong. I also understood that they said that the doctor had no gender sentence.

The contraction of the back has continued to strengthen, from the beginning of the ten minutes, to the five minutes at the beginning, and once every 3 minutes.After the pain of death, I went to the delivery room 3 times during this period, each time I asked the midwive for internal inspection, and told me to what extent.From opening a little bit, to opening a finger, midwife continues to encourage you: "Come on! 2 fingers can be painless!"

This sentence is like a beacon, guiding me and giving me power.

Four hours later, I finally opened to 2 fingers. The midwife asked me, "Did you open 2 fingers, do you painless?" "Do!" Without any time, my answer can be so loud and urgent, because it is true!of!too!pain!It’s!

When I expressed the demand, the anesthesiologist soon came to the delivery room.It can be said that painlessness is the biggest gospel of pregnant women. After painlessness, it feels from hell to heaven.Suddenly it didn’t hurt. The doctor asked me to return to the delivery room to rest. After returning, I fell asleep until dawn.

The next morning, the doctor had given me internal examinations many times. From 4, 5, and 8 fingers, I was promoted to the delivery room.The moment the amniotic fluid was broken, it was like a warm current flowing out of the body. To be honest, I panicked.

But think about the professional team of the Three Hospital, what’s terrible.It really couldn’t think of that much. Anyway, there was a feeling of "I am a sword, I am a fish," it is not exaggerated.It is said that when a woman was born with a baby, it was the most dignified, because when you were lying on the bed, you were shy and scared.Some are what you do to make you do, you think about it, what you think is: everything goes well!all the best!Children are healthy!Children are healthy!

After a long force, inhalation, and exhalation, in the orderly rhythm, under the unbearable dysfunction of shit, the child’s crying announces your victory, and instantly feels that your body is lighter and his stomach goes down a lot.

Although there are some operations such as cutting umbilical cord and sewing tear in the back, the body has been numb and the pain has weakened a lot.

The doctor took the child over, touched your face, and told you to gender. I glanced on his face, the wrinkled little face, and there were many sticky liquids on your body, like a little old man.

But as long as you are healthy, the others are secondary, and the mother and child (female) is the biggest blessing.

The doctor pushed the child out first, and I stayed in the delivery room and observed it for two hours to go out.So I didn’t see the legendary daughter -in -law and children went out together. My husband ran to the cruel picture of the child’s neglect of the daughter -in -law. I thought it was a test for my husband to see what he reacted. Unfortunately, I didn’t give me this opportunity.

At the end of the 2 -hour observation, there was no exception. The moment I was launched by the nurse, I went out to see my husband standing outside the delivery room.At the same time, the big rocks in my heart finally landed, and my heart was much easier.

Husband took the hand of the nurse’s pushing wheelchair, "Wife, you have worked hard", and the simple words also feel enough, making people feel warm.

This is probably all the process of having a child. Now that my body is recovering, I still feel that everything is so embarrassed, so I completed a major event in life.

Fortunately, the result is not very bad. At least now, my husband is considerate, and helps you to share the hard work of bringing your baby at any time.The mother -in -law was awesome, the housework at home took one hand, knowing cold and hot, and taking care of me who was weak after giving birth.

Therefore, there is not so terrible to have children. Women are pushing in life and constantly become the fighters of life step by step.We chopped the thorns, for children, for this family, wearing thick armor.

Come on!Pregnant mothers, breeding of life is a wonderful process.”What kind of experience is the child who gave birth to a child in this issue?

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