What kind of experience is pregnant at the same time as daughter -in -law?I’m going to be a grandma, but I found that I am pregnant

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What is the experience of getting pregnant with her daughter -in -law?Such a thing was caught up by Aunt Su.

Aunt Su is a famous young and beautiful in our community. I used to meet Aunt Su in the elevator before. I have always called my sister and always thought that they were in their thirties, at least forty years old.

Later, Aunt Su became famous in the community, but this time because she became pregnant with her daughter -in -law.It ’s all two years ago. At that time, Aunt Su’ s son was just married. Sometimes Aunt Su would accompany her daughter -in -law to check in the birth. At that time, when I met Aunt Su and daughter -in -law in the elevator, I realized that I realized that: It turned out that Aunt Su was already a mother -in -law, and I thought they were in their thirties!

Then the miracle happened, and Aunt Su was pregnant himself. He didn’t plan to ask for a child. He had to be a grandma, regenerated a second child, and said that he was afraid of others jokes.Later, under the persuasion of the hospital, Aunt Su intends to leave the child.

No, now Aunt Su went to the community to walk the baby. One was called grandma, one called a mother, and the two children often couldn’t distinguish their identity. After all, the grandson was a few months older than his son.

I didn’t expect such a thing to happen to himself. Sometimes Aunt Su’s daughter -in -law would complain to us: I am embarrassed, I am embarrassed to say, my uncle is a few months younger than my son, how embarrassing is it!Moreover, my mother -in -law is so old, this will not be our burden in the future!

We all smiled and comforted her: this is also a good thing, it shows that your in -laws are loving. Your husband comes from this kind of parental family, and you two will also be loving to the old.

There are surprises everywhere in life!In fact, this kind of thing is not a new thing in the entertainment industry. There are many older women in the entertainment industry, but they are born in the first child, and they are not so early.

What should I pay attention to when giving birth to the second child?

1. Consider physical condition

Under normal circumstances, before preparing for pregnancy, elderly women need to have a pre -pregnancy medical examination to understand whether the physical conditions are still allowed.

Friends who work in obstetrics and gynecology said: During the second child, there were always some post -70s who came to check for examinations and prepared for the second child.

Especially women who have given birth to the first child must check their bodies before the second child.Although the medical level is now relatively developed, there is a very dangerous thing to have children. Every year, women lose their lives due to fertility.

Therefore, the elderly mother must have a pre -pregnancy examination, and then prepare for the second child under the condition of physical conditions.

2. What is the economic situation

Both husbands and wives have stable work and income, raising children will be easier, and children will work hard.

Just as Aunt Su in the community has a second child who is born in 50 years old. When the second child grows up, he has ran seventy. After the age of 65, the body is not so good.matter.

Not only our ordinary people, but not the exception, just like Teacher Wang Gang, a 60 -year -old son. In order to provide the children with better growth conditions, Teacher Wang Gang took the show and advertisement everywhere, and once got tired of hospitalization.

So, it is a big problem to raise children. If the age of the two treasures is too big, the second child may be the "burden" of the boss.

3. It is a problem with bringing children

Children will not grow up by themselves, and they need their parents to pay a lot of energy and effort.

There are money to raise children, but energy must be kept up.Bringing a baby is an individual work. From the beginning of feeding of night milk, to the child starts to learn to walk, and then to the kindergarten in the later period, when you go to elementary school, each stage will spend a lot of energy.

If you are an elderly mother, he is older, and his body starts to go downhill. At this time, children will be more difficult to take care of children.

my country advocates the culture of "multi -child and more blessings". It is believed that the more children in a family, the more prosperous the family, and the family is worthy of being fortunate. If you have a child, you will be considered more auspicious.

So even if you have a child, you are actually not a "shame" thing. After all, everyone has the right to choose.

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