What kind of leucorrhea is normal?

Leucorrhea and menstruation are what women have every month. Generally, before and after menstruation, frequently appear during ovulation. It appears every month not only to cause trouble to women, but also to bring relevant benefits to women.One benefit is very good. It can help women judge health. When the leucorrhea appears abnormally, it will cause attention. Most of them are some problems with the body.If you want to know if the leucorrhea is abnormal, you can look at the leucorrhea. Let’s take a good look at it.

What are the abnormal performances of the leucorrhea?

Under normal circumstances, the color of the leucorrhea is transparent, tasteless, and no impurities can be seen inside.However, it depends on the situation. Not all color changes belong to abnormal performance. In special periods, it may also cause changes.For example, during pregnancy, menstruation, and ovulation period, the color of the leucorrhea will change, and it may increase, the color is yellow, and a little confused, or the color of the leucorrhea is yellow.EssenceBefore and after menstruation, leucorrhea may still be reddish, which is also normal.

What needs to be careful should be abnormal changes in leucorrhea except these three special periods.When the leucorrhea is abnormal, the color, odor, and secretion may change.When the color of the leucorrhea appears yellow -green, gray -white, brown, it is necessary to attract attention. The body may have problems, and it is necessary to find the cause in time.Yellow -green leucorrhea appears, and there is a bad odor, so be careful of infection.The gray white leucorrhea may also be infected, and the reason should be found earlier.The brown leucorrhea may be more serious. You must not care about it. The sooner you understand the situation, the more beneficial to your health.

Not only should we pay attention to the color changes of the leucorrhea, but also the amount of leucorrhea.In addition to, and ovulation during menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy, there are still more leucorrhea, and there are many abnormalities, so you need to pay more attention.In particular, we must pay attention to the more leucorrhea. At the same time, the colors and odors have changed, which shows that the situation is still serious.If the leucorrhea becomes a lot, the smell is fishy, maybe infected by bacteria.The leucorrhea becomes more and the color is reddish. Excluding the cause of menstruation, it is necessary to be careful that the uterus is not good. It is necessary to check the cause as soon as possible.

An abnormality in leucorrhea is better?

Women’s physical fitness is generally weak, and women do not like sports, and their physical fitness will be more weak.If you do n’t like exercise, coupled with poor diet and living habits, it is easy for women to have related problems.If you want to reduce problems, if you have a good body, you must learn to improve your body’s immunity. You can adjust from your diet, eat more vegetables and fruits, develop good eating habits, rational matching, nutritional intake will be comprehensive, immune to immune, immune toPower will improve.When you are fine, you will exercise, and your physique will be strengthened, and it is not easy to find your door.

Usually wearing, personal hygiene should pay attention to.Try to wear tight pants as little as possible will affect health.The underwear wearing it, diligently change the dryness, and the body should be in place. Don’t think about being lazy.During menstruation, the sanitary napkin is changed diligently.

It can be known that if women can observe more leucorrhea on weekdays, it is also a kind of attention to physical health.If the above situations occur, don’t be sloppy, you can understand the reason early, and you can solve the problem earlier.

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