What kind of medicine is good for pregnant women to have a cold?Note at 3 points to reduce the risk of colds, daily health care needs to be taken seriously

As long as pregnant women have a fever and a cold, as long as they are not too serious, do not use the medicine as much as possible.For pregnant women with a high fever temperature and a long duration of fever, some antipyretic medicines can be taken appropriately. Generally, drugs with small toxic and side effects should be selected. For example, for acetylphenol tablets, it is generally possible to maintain a drug effect for about 6 hours.When taking antipyretics, you can also use some proprietary Chinese medicine preparations with small toxic and side effects, such as clearing the granular particles, clearing heat and detoxifying oral solution or double Huanglian oral solution.Pregnant women who are not obvious for taking drugs to take medicine can also inject Chaihu injection.

For most pregnant women, fever caused by colds can also use physical cooling methods, such as using warm water to wipe baths or using antipyretic stickers, which can generally achieve good results.

In the concept of many people, pregnant women cannot use medicine when they have a cold and fever. Once the medication is used, it will affect the fetus in the abdomen.Therefore, in many cases, pregnant women do not go to a doctor with diseases such as colds and fever, which leads to the heavier condition and serious consequences.

Although medication will have a certain impact on the fetus during pregnancy, do you need medication after a cold, depending on the actual situation of pregnant women.The fever temperature of pregnant women is too high and the fever time is too long, which not only has a certain impact on the pregnant woman itself, but also causes the tissue cell protein degeneration of the fetus, which will cause abnormal embryonic development, cause abortion or death.Therefore, once a pregnant woman has a disease, she should seek medical treatment in a timely manner. Whether they need to take medicine must be determined based on the condition of the pregnant woman.

1. During a cold and fever, pay attention to drink plenty of water and rest. You can eat more fruits and vegetables appropriately, which can supplement enough vitamins.

2. During pregnancy, you should go outdoor activities, breathe more fresh air to reduce the occurrence of colds.

3. Public places with less people, during the popularity of respiratory diseases, should attract attention.

It has 280 days of pregnancy. During this time, the diet of pregnant women’s diet is very important. It not only affects the safety of the mother, but also does it be related to whether the fetus can develop normally.To eat more high -protein, because at this time, in addition to the mother’s nutrition, the fetus still needs nutrition.

Under normal circumstances, you need to supplement folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy. Generally, calcium tablets are generally added in the fourth month after pregnancy. During pregnancy, you eat more chicken soup, fish soup, beef soup, these high -protein diets.In addition, to ensure the supply of milk and yogurt daily, usually eat more vegetables and fruits.Pay attention to life, don’t let yourself be too tired, you can go out for a walk after having time after eating at night, so that it has great benefits for childbirth.

Pregnant women can refer to the following foods, and eat nutrients: 1. You can eat more grapes, kiwi, bananas, apples, etc. in the fruits to supplement the necessary vitamins.2. In addition, you can eat foods such as beef, mutton, lily, Tremella, millet porridge and other foods can warm the spleen and stomach.

Friendly reminder: The above content is for reference only. If it is mentioned, it needs to be used under the guidance of a professional doctor or pharmacist.

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