What should Bao’s mother eat during pregnancy?

What is good for pregnant women for the fetus?

There will be some changes with appetite. In the early stages of pregnancy, many moms become love to eat. If you do n’t have much relationship, you do n’t force yourself to change your diet when you want to eat. Of courseEssenceIf you have pregnancy reactions such as sickness and nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, do not worry too much. You can click your favorite adjustment and adjustment. Don’t eat because your body is uncomfortable. It is not good for yourself and the fetus.

What should pregnant women eat during pregnancy?

Staled food: What should pregnant women eat from the staple food?Rice is a must -have, which is rich in B vitamins, which is of great significance to the development of the fetus; it is the nutritional rich dietary fiber content of porridge, and then the bread has a variety of flavors and easy to digest and absorb; afterwardsIt is noodles that can help digestion and reduce gastrointestinal diseases. You can also eat it appropriately to help relieve the stool.

Second vegetable: Pregnant women need to eat balanced diet, and the nutritional supplement that the vegetables must be eaten. For example, spinach it contains a large amount of B carotene and can be eaten appropriately;

Lettuce contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, which can regulate the function of neurotransles; low -fat polysaccharides and vitamin foods can provide immunity to delay aging.There are many vegetables that can be eaten according to their own taste.

Third meat: First of all, pregnant women should eat more pork and lean meat, which can provide you with high -quality protein and essential fats, and can help iron supplement; second is chicken, the protein content of chicken is high, and the fish contains high -quality protein with high -quality protein.Harmony, fatty acids, and other important mineral elements of the human body.In addition, beef, eggs, trotters, animal blood, etc. are also food that pregnant women should eat.

Fourth aquatic products: Aquatic products are the favorite of many people, so what aquatic products should pregnant women eat?First of all, shrimp can be eaten, and its nutritional value is high; kelp can also be eaten, rich in vitamin C crude protein, sugar and iron, and it is easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body.

Of course, catfish, grass carp, shrimp, and silver fish are also available.

Fifth fruit: You can eat more neutral fruits in the fruits. Hot and cool fruits must be eaten less. Moms can eat more apples.

The vitamin content of kiwi is very rich; then bananas can prevent constipation, but do not eat too much. Extra -pear, mango, virgin fruit, etc. can also be eaten. Pay attention to the right amount!

Sixth other types of food, it is recommended that expectant mothers eat some nuts properly, not only are good for the mother’s itself, such as walnuts, cashews, and peanuts that are very good. Drinks that expectant mothers can drink are milk, soy milk, and honey.Through the above content, everyone is very clear about what pregnant women eat for fetal children

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