What should I do?The doctor explained in both cases, and after reading it, I knew that it should be dealt with

Imagine that when you pull the stool and find that the water in the toilet is red, and the chrysanthemum is still dripping blood, dyed our underwear red, what will you feel?

It is estimated that many people will immediately panic and think that they have a disease.In fact, hemorrhoid bleeding is a common thing, and it is not complicated to deal with.

Today, Dr. Lin came to tell you, what’s going on with hemorrhoids, under what circumstances are easy to bleed, and how to deal with it.

The essence of hemorrhoids is actually varicose veins, and it is also a disease unique to our human beings.

After the blood of our body is pumped from the heart into the arteries, we will continue to branch. It is connected to the venous blood vessels through the capillary mesh, and then collects reflux vein blood through large vein to send it into the heart.

In this process, the blood pressure in the arteries will gradually lose, and the pressure in the vein will be relatively smaller. In addition, the heart is located on the upper part of our body. When we stand, the venous blood needs to overcome the invention of gravity.This further increases the difficulty of intravenous blood recycling.

To solve this problem, the human body purifies the developed venous valve, and they are one -way valve.However, if you stand for a long time, the venous valve is damaged, which can lead to varicose veins and earthworms visible to the naked eye.

Hemorrhoids are venous veins of perianal veins.But unlike the lower limb vein, it has not simultaneously evolved the venous valve.In addition, because we sit for a long time, we often squat and stool, which will make the veins of the perianal perianal more prone to varicose veins than the lower limbs, and the blood stasis is not the same.

The so -called "ten people nine hemorrhoids".

The perianal veins of the song will swell at the anus and occupy the rectal pipes.Once the feces are too hard, in the process of stooling, it may be scratched by this swelling area, causing bleeding.

Some patients found that their stools were red after finishing their stools, and even had blood dripping. They were panicked and thought they had a serious illness.

1. Mild, occasionally blood in the stool

Occasionally, a small amount of bleeding indicates that the bulging part is not large.We should pay attention to changing lifestyle, including eating less spicy and irritating foods (which can make perianal congestion), look at mobile phones less during defecation, drink less, and so on.

You should also eat more foods rich in dietary fiber, drink plenty of water to soften the stool.

2. Severe blood in the stool, showing signs of anemia appeared

If the hemorrhoids are expanding large, the stool is scratched, bleeding frequently, and even signs of anemia, then the surgical method must be eliminated to eliminate the swelling site.Otherwise, the body will be very weak and will seriously affect our work and life.

At present, the treatment of hemorrhoids is: those who can live without taking medicine, those who can take medicine without surgery, those who can surgery will not blindly pursue cure.

If you frequently have hemorrhoid bleeding and even show signs of weak anemia, you should eat more foods that can supplement iron to help the body replenish the lost blood cells quickly.Iron -rich foods include: lean meat, liver, and so on.Red dates and longan in Chinese medicine can also supplement qi and blood.

One more important thing is that you must eat foods rich in dietary fiber appropriately, including beans, vegetables and fruits. These dietary fiber can adsorb a large amount of water and make the stool soft, so as not to cause constipation, scratch the stool, scratch the stool, scratch the stool, scratch the stool, scratch the stool.Hemorrhoids swelling parts.

Finally, we must avoid sedentary and long -standing stations. I often change my body posture. After 1 hour of work and study, activities are activated.

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