What should I do after a female infection with HPV?Does it affect pregnancy?

With the improvement of health awareness and testing level, more and more women will actively conduct HPV -related testing.So what should I do if the cervical or vulva HPV is positive?Does it affect pregnancy?

After women infected with HPV, they can have clinical symptoms, manifested as genital warts in vulvar genitals, vagina, cervix or perianal.There can also be no clinical manifestations, but only sub -clinical infections or are in a lurking infection.

According to the high and low risk of HPV, it can be divided into high -risk and low -risk types, of which the high -risk type 16/18 is the highest carcinogenic.About 70%of cervical cancer is caused by HPV16/18, and about 20%are caused by HPV 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58 types. HPV 16/18 can also lead to nearly 90%of anal cancer and can cause mouth mouthPharyngeal cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer.

It is clear that HPV infection is a necessary condition for the occurrence of cervical epithelial tumors and cervical cancer.Both high -risk or low -risk types may cause patients with condyloma acuminatum or cancer.

If condyloma acuminatum occurs, please go to the hospital immediately to find a dermatologist for treatment, and check the examination regularly.If there is no genital wart warts, there are only low -risk HPV infections or high -risk HPV infections other than HPV16/18, and you need to go to the hospital on a regular basis.Body, once the warts are found to be treated immediately.

If you have HPV16/18 infection, go to the gynecological treatment as soon as possible, and the gynecologist will evaluate the cervical condition.Regardless of the infection, it is recommended to test cervical cancer screening.And it is recommended to screen for patients with sexually transmitted diseases.

The impact of women’s infection with HPV on the fetus has not yet been determined.Generally speaking, the impact of genital warts and HPV infections on the fetus is relatively small, and rare teratogenic and mutagenic.

Some studies believe that the influence of low -risk HPV on the fetus is relatively large, especially HPV6, 11, which may cause fetal malformations, limited growth, fetal distress, respiratory nipple tumor, and neonatal hyperbilotin ledin, which may also leadAdverse consequences such as miscarriage, death and death.Whether a high -risk HPV can cause fetal malformations to be reported.However, some studies believe that high -risk HPVs may cause premature fetal membrane.Studies have shown that children and adolescents with condyloma acuminatum have higher risk of condyloma acuminatum, laryngeal papilloma, and conjunctival papilloma than ordinary people.

Infection in HPV during pregnancy, there is a greater chance of infection with other types of bacteria or viruses than ordinary pregnant women, causing vaginal flora to imbalance, and it is more likely to cause bacterial vaginitis and chlamydia infection.It is also more likely to cause cervical epithelial tumor and cervical cancer.Pregnant women with genital warts are more likely to recur more than patients with genital warts.Treatment during pregnancy is conducive to pregnant women and fetuses, which can increase the full monthly production rate, reduce abortion/premature birth rate, and cesarean section.

It is prompted that patients should become pregnant after completely cure condyloma acuminatum. Those who are pregnant should detect diseases and early treatment as soon as possible to reduce the adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses.

In summary, it is recommended that women conduct physical examinations and HPV -related tests before pregnancy. If there are genital warts, it is recommended to get pregnant after cure. If there is a high -risk HPV infection, it is recommended to obey the suggestions of gynecologists.If there is genital warts during pregnancy, it is recommended to treat it to reduce the adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses, or to obey the gynecologists.

In addition, no matter whether there is an HPV infection, please pay attention to comfortableness, regular life, balanced diet, moderate exercise!

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