What should I do if a woman has a uterine cavity adhesion?

Ms. Zhang, 32, has a history of painless flow of people. The current monthly menstrual volume has been significantly reduced, 1 day net.The patient conducted a B -ultrasound on the 3rd day after menstruation, reminded: 2mm endometrium.Highly suspected that due to multiple flows and damage to the base layer of the uterine, leading to the adhesion of the uterine cavity, and the amount of menstruation became less.What is the disease of uterine cavity?What should I do?

The uterine cavity adhesion is due to pregnancy or non -pregnancy (artificial abortion) factors that cause endometrial base layer damage, which causes reduction in menstrual flow, even amenorrhea, infertility, repeated miscarriage, etc.Endometrial fibrosis is the essence of uterine adhesion.The biggest reason for the uterine cavity adhesion is the frequent abortion.With the rapid development of society, the age of the initial life is gradually advanced, and various painless advertisements are overwhelming.From 1979 to 2010, my country flow rate is as high as 28.95%.Studies have reported that nearly 91%of pregnancy teenagers choose to abort or even repeatedly abortion.

Hysmoscopic adhesions require hysteroscopy, separate adhesion endometrium, and need to perform secondary hysteroscopy.For mild uterine adhesion, the tip of the mirror and the expansion palace is sufficient to decompose adhesions; for severe and dense adhesions, it is difficult to deal with, challenging, and superb technology.

At present, the recurrence rate of uterine cavity adhesion is at a high level, with 3.1%~ 62.5%, and there are no clear and effective measures.There are currently several ways to deal with: 1. Perform secondary hysteroscopy within two months.2. Prevent the in -palace, where the COOK ball pocket> FOLEY catheter> Shang Ring.3. Use anti -adhesion gel.4. Drug therapy, such as estrogen, vani, biological factors, combined stimulating factors, etc.5. Traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine.6, amniotic planting.7. Stem cell therapy.The above processing method can be used separately or in combination.Studies have shown that the palace can not cause uterine cavity infection in February in the palace.

The flow of people is a major cause of uterine cavity adhesion. Therefore, women in the majority of adolescence and childbearing age must pay attention to reasonable contraception. According to personal actual situation, adopt the most suitable way to contraception to reduce the incidence of abortion.Patients with many flow can not only cause adhesion of the uterine cavity, but also often cause ovarian damage. These damage is difficult to reverse.

(The drawings in the text are all data maps, for reference only)

(Author: Wang Jingning, Master of Medicine)

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