What should I do if bleeding during ovulation?Can I still get pregnant at this time?

Women in ovulation during ovulation can be briefly reduced, and the endometrium of the uterus does not get hormone support, causing vaginal bleeding.The vaginal bleeding is not large. It usually lasts for several hours and can be accompanied by mild low back pain or abdominal pain. What should I do if the ovulation bleeding should be.

1. Copy treatment

Bleeding during ovulation is caused by the temporary decrease of estrogen levels. This is a normal phenomenon. The amount of bleeding is 1-2 days.If the vaginal bleeding during ovulation during the gynecological disease, the blood bleeding time is long and large, the cause should be found in time and the symptomatic treatment should be treated.

2. Do a good job of diet conditioning

During the ovulation period, you can eat more milk fish, black sesame or eggs, etc., to avoid eating spicy and hot, fried and fried, hot and sour and cold irritating foods, so as not to extend the time and bleeding amount.You can drink more yam wolfberry porridge, put 20 grams of wolfberry and yam, 60 grams of rice in the pot and cook cooked porridge, which can achieve the effect of nourishing yin and hemostasis.

3. Life conditioning

During the ovulation period, avoid excessive fatigue, prevent cold, and keep local warmth. You can use a hot water bottle to apply local hot compresses, pay more attention to rest, maintain a good mentality, avoid mental stimulation, and do not do heavy physical and severe physical exercise.Pay attention to local cleaning and hygiene, often use warm water to clean the local cleaning, and change the underwear.You can use hot water to bubble your feet before going to bed at night, which can improve local blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, eliminate cold, and improve sleep quality.In addition, we should pay attention to hygiene during ovulation and avoid sexual life, so as not to cause perineal infections.

4. Drug conditioning

If the symptoms of their own conditioning are still not improved, repeated bleeding during ovulation may be caused by endocrine disorders. You should go to the hospital for examination in time to reasonably supplement estrogen and choose Chinese medicine conditioning.

The amount of bleeding during ovulation is small, and the duration is short. Generally, it can stop in about two days.After ovulation bleeding, it can also ovulate normally after the same room, and still has the possibility of conception.Try not to do the same room during ovulation, so as not to cause bacteria to invade and induce endometritis or cervicitis.Pay more attention to rest during the period and keep local cleaning.

Kind tips

Bleeding during ovulation is divided into physiological and pathological.The physiological ovulation bleeding occasionally occasionally 1 to 2 times, and it will not cause great harm to the body.Pathological ovulation bleeding may be endocrine disorders, and estrogen should be replenished reasonably.If the amount of bleeding is too much or even exceeds the menstrual flow, a comprehensive examination should be performed in a timely manner to eliminate the quality lesions.Pay more attention to rest, avoid fatigue, strengthen physical exercise to enhance physical fitness, avoid eating spicy and hot irritating foods, so as not to extend the time of bleeding.

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