What should I do if brown secretions appear after pregnancy?

After pregnancy, some women’s symptoms are normal, but some women will have the condition of brown -brown secretions after pregnancy. It is very nervous. After all, if the body occurs abnormalEssenceSo, is it normal for a small amount of brown secretions in early pregnancy?

When a woman appears brown discharge after pregnancy, the main reason for this phenomenon is the following: the following situations:

1. Bed bleeding

This is a fact. A quarter of pregnant women will experience mild vaginal bleeding in the first week of pregnancy (also known as implant bleeding).At this time, tan secretions are generally considered normal.However, once the amount of bleeding is increased, the doctor needs to be told immediately.

2. Infection

Infection or inflammation is a common cause of brown secretions in women’s reproductive systems.In most gynecological diseases, brown secretions are a common manifestation.

3. Ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy is another common cause of vaginal brown discharge.Under normal circumstances, embryo development will be implanted in the uterus, but ectopic pregnancy means that embryo development is implanted in the fallopian tube, which is a serious situation that may be life -threatening.Some related symptoms are spasm and pain in the abdomen.If we suffer severe vaginal bleeding, we must seek medical treatment immediately.

4. Other reasons

In the early pregnancy, the concentration of hormones and blood flow suddenly increased, which sensitive to the skin of the cervix, and the vaginal or cervical infection would cause brown discharge.The growth of cervical polyps often manifested as bleeding.The growth of uterine fibroids.Vascular hemophilia or other hemorrhagic diseases will cause pregnant women to produce this brown secretion.

When should I worry about brown secretions

If the brown secretion is not bleeding in bed, it needs to be diagnosed immediately.If you are accompanied by faint, fever, abdominal pain, spasm and dizziness, you need to seek medical treatment immediately because they may cause some serious diseases.The treatment of brown secretions depends on the cause and pregnancy duration.If the brown secretion lasted for a while, we observed that the color changes or increased emissions, and even obviously felt spasm and pain, and immediately sought medical help or contact our doctor.

If the pregnant mother is pregnant for the first time, and the secretion is brown, and there is no abnormality, this is a natural phenomenon.This brown secretion will appear in the first three months.But some women may have red or pink secretions.Under normal circumstances, dot -like bleeding is tasteless without any pain, discomfort or burning sensation.Pregnant women with brown secretions should keep relaxing and take adequate rest without other bad symptoms (such as severe vaginal bleeding).

How to care for aura abortion

General treatment

If a pioneering abortion occurs, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, reduce activities, prohibit sexual life, avoid unnecessary vaginal examinations, reduce stimulation of uterus, and avoid excessive mental tension, otherwise they will cause abortion.After the bleeding stops, it is best to rest for two weeks before restoring work.Such a pioneering abortion treatment is suitable for female friends with mild symptoms of signs of abortion.

medical treatement

Magnomone has the effects of ensuring embryonic development, maintaining pregnancy, inhibiting the urban smoothing muscle contraction, and reducing uterine tightness.The aura abortion treatment method of drugs can be used in the early stages of pregnancy, and can be used to protect the tire of the luteum, and it can also inject chorionic gonad hormone therapy (because the hormone has the function of stimulating the luteal function).Sending drugs and β-blockers can be used in the middle and late pregnancy to reduce mental stimulation and inhibit contractions.

Chinese treatment

Traditional Chinese medicine can be treated according to dialectics: those with kidney deficiency are used, mulberry parasites, gelatin, and interruption.Those who are injured can use Xiaochaihutang to reduce the treatment methods such as angelica, Chaihu, raw astragalus, Shengma root, mulberry parasitic, Ejiao, and continuity.

Pay attention to rest

Pregnant women should rest more in bed and reduce activities, but it is not to say that they are lying on the bed for 24 hours, and they should be appropriately moved.Sexual life must be prohibited, and unnecessary vaginal examinations must be reduced to reduce uterine stimuli.In addition, it is necessary to avoid stimulating breasts, because stimulating breasts can also cause contractions, leading to warning.

Pay attention to the amount and nature of the bleeding

Observe whether there are tissue discharge in the vaginal discharge at any time.It is best to retain the observation of the doctor.If the amount of bleeding increases, you should go to the hospital in time.

Pay attention to abdominal pain

If the expectant mothers have backache, the lower abdomen is swollen, and it will not be relieved after rest, or even worsening, but they must be vigilant.If there are lower abdominal pain, the vaginal bleeding is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, and there are tissue samples to report the doctor in time.

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