What should I do if I always have toothache during pregnancy?The expectant mother has taboos, come and take a look at the advice of a dentist

Pregnancy is a very special period. During this period, the growth of the fetus will bring a lot of inherent changes to the mother.It is reflected in the oral cavity that the secretion of saliva is significantly reduced.

Our saliva has a certain sterilization ability. Its reduction has changed the original balanced oral environment, allowing many periodontal pathogenic bacteria or bacteria that cause tooth decay to have a rapidly growing opportunity.

Pregnant women are a group of groups that we need to pay special attention to in the work of dental medicine.

Before women conceive, we generally recommend regulating oral problems to avoid dental problems during pregnancy to make the treatment slow and affect the patient’s mood.If pregnant women have toothache, we cannot consider problems from the perspective of teeth alone, but we need to fully consider the physical fitness and stage of pregnancy in comprehensive consideration.

The diversity of dental problems determines that if the pregnant woman has a tooth problem, there are two main treatment solutions, namely tooth extraction and dental therapy.

There is a relatively unified point of view on whether you can extract tooth extraction during pregnancy: No.

The reason is very simple. Tooth extraction may cause abortion at the beginning of pregnancy; and tooth extraction in the late pregnancy can easily cause premature birth.It will have a very bad impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

There are many causes of toothache. Before dealing with treatment, it is necessary to accurately judge to treat symptomatic treatment.


Pregnant women have the particularity of the body’s endocrine and the dietary adjustment due to pregnancy. For example, it will be easier to get angry than eating more high -nutrition foods than usual.When the situation is serious, there may be symptoms of toothache.Generally, it can be relieved by dietary adjustment.

Dental caries toothache

If the degree of caries is not deep, it can be treated with anti -corruption treatment under the advice of a doctor.

If there is already pulp inflammation or necrotic tooth pulp, conservative treatment is performed on the premise of conservative treatment; or according to the patient’s own circumstances, anesthesia (such as imported Bilan, etc.), tooth cleaning and drug sealing are given.It must be reminded that because the impact of hemp medicine on pregnancy, the treatment process may have pain.

The treatment of toothache is best performed for four to six months of pregnancy, and the condition of the fetus is relatively stable at this stage.If symptoms are found early, it is best not to use conservative treatment.

For pregnant women, in order to reduce the problem of toothache during pregnancy, it is necessary to maintain their oral health.This is actually not difficult, but many people don’t pay attention or don’t know.So here I will give you some precautions that keep healthy oral conditions:

First, pay attention to reasonable rest and work and rest. Do not ignore oral care because of your health.

Second, scientific and reasonable matching diet during pregnancy, do not overeating, or high -oil and high -salt diet.

Third, rinse your mouth after meals, it is best to use warm saline.

Fourth, after pregnancy, the oral cavity should be cleaned to avoid the effect of acidic substances in the deity on the teeth.

Fifth, brush your teeth correctly in the morning and evening, and you can use fluoride toothpaste.

Sixth, do not take medicine without authorization, obey the doctor’s instructions.

Some diseases in the oral cavity are contagious and may be transmitted to the fetus from the mother.Scientific research has confirmed that the oral health status of expectant mothers during pregnancy is positively correlated with the incidence of early tooth decay in infants and young children after the birth of the fetus.Therefore, I hope that every expectant mother who is about to welcome a new life must pay attention to this issue, because this is no longer a person’s problem.

Therefore, generally speaking, dentists recommend that pregnant mothers handle dental caries and wisdom teeth before pregnancy to prevent toothache by rapid changes in hormone levels during pregnancy. Early treatment can prevent the embarrassment of being unable to treat it during pregnancy.

There is another situation here to make special explanations.Some patients extracted tooth extraction and if they are in the pregnancy stage when treating their teeth, they must be truthfully informed of the doctor.

During the process of dental treatment or tooth extraction.Doctors usually use anesthetic, anti -inflammatory drugs (antibiotics, etc.), which are very unfavorable for preparing for pregnancy.

If there is a problem, doctors usually recommend conservative treatment first, and wait until the fetus is born and breastfeed.Although this stage is not as sensitive as during pregnancy, it must also pay special attention.After all, a good physical foundation can bred a healthier and lively baby.Pregnancy is a continuation and undertaking of life, so be careful and careful during pregnancy and pregnancy, and be responsible for yourself and the fetus.

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