What should I do if I am preparing for pregnancy or pregnancy?

Author: Huidong County People’s Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical Society Lai Cai

Preparation/pregnancy should be a happy thing, but once the reproductive tract support is detected, it is estimated that everyone gets a report and is full of brains: why is the mycoplasma infection?Is it a sexually transmitted disease?The most important and most concerned is, of course, is there any impact on the fetus?Don’t worry, let’s reveal the mysterious veil of this mycoplasma reproductive tract infection and reduce our doubts in our hearts.

1. What is mycoplasma?

Mycoplasma is a group of microbes that are between bacteria and viruses. There are 16 species of mycoplasma that can be separated from the human body, 7 of which are pathogenic to the human body.The commonly related to the urogenital tract infection with U. UREALYTICUM (UU), Humancoplasma (M. Hominis, MH), and genitalchy (MG).Jiechi mycoplasma (UU) is a club -shaped shape, often parasitic in the urethra of normal people.Many evidences have shown that the protozoic branch can cause infection in amniocented cavity and increase the risk of premature birth.

2. How can I infected mycoplasma?

The mycoplasma belongs to the pathogenic bacteria in the vagina. It can be parasitic on the reproductive tract of the healthy population and coexist with the host. Most of the no infection signs.Under certain conditions, branches can become infections in pathogens, mainly through sexual behavior, and commonly spread between husbands and wives.During pregnancy, the detection rate of the niche of the germ tract of the germ tract is as high as 40% to 70%. Therefore, it is currently believed that the mycoplasma is one of the normal flora in women’s reproductive tract.The symptoms of mycoplasma in my country account for 22.5%of the total infection, and 86%of pregnant women may have no clinical symptoms.

Third, do you need treatment to detect the primary positive?

1. If both men and women have no related symptoms of urogogly tract infections, only the primer of the puppets (UU) is positive, and it is considered as a carrier and does not have to be treated.

2. After the infection, the symptoms disappear after the symptoms of the signs. When the test results of the diaphragm branch (UU) laboratory are positive, it should be considered whether it is transformed into a combination of chlamydiac (UU) and no need to continue drug treatment.

3. If the male is diagnosed with a neutron mycoplasma (UU) urethritis, it is recommended to treat sexual companions at the same time. During the period, pay attention to avoid non -protective sexual intercourse.

4. When male semen is abnormal and there is a need for fertility, both men and women recommend treating a course of treatment at the same time.

Fourth, clarify how to treat the primary infection of the reproductive tract?

Because the mycoplasma does not have a cell wall, the mycoplasma is antibiotic resistant to the cell wall.As a result, endide and glucose peptide antibiotics are not effective for mycoplasma.Antibiotics that inhibit protein synthesis are effective for most tribes.The medication plan for pregnancy is different from the medication during pregnancy. Two cases are treated in two cases:

1. Preparation for pregnancy is recommended to select the drug with reference to the results of the mycoplasma drug sensitivity, regularly take the medicine, and then consider conception after the review results are turned over or have no symptoms.

The common plan for treating urogenicism branches infection is: 100 mg of polycin, orally, twice a day, 7 days; disabled during pregnancy.Achicillin is 1 gram, a single oral, or 0.25g, once a day, orally, double the first agent, a total of 5-7 days; you can use it during pregnancy.Levofloxacin 500 mg, orally, once a day, 7 days; disabled during pregnancy.Mo Xishastan 400 mg, orally, once a day, 7 ~ 14 days.Disabled during pregnancy.

2. Patients with infections during pregnancy are diagnosed as a mycoplasma infection. Early treatment is recommended to prevent mycoplasma infection on pregnant women and fetuses.Because the genitals mycoplasma is mainly transmitted through sexual transmission, it is recommended that the couples are proposed during treatment at the same time.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2010 Specifications Guide Suggestions: Dipinisin is disabled during pregnancy.The recommendation scheme is 1 gram of Achicillin, and a single agent.

V. Patients with a clear category infection need to be followed up after treatment. Generally, the training method should be reviewed after two weeks of discontinuation. The nucleic acid testing method should be reviewed 4 weeks after discontinuation.

To sum up the knowledge we know today:

1. Mycoplasma infection is not the same as "sexually transmitted diseases";

2. Not all mycoplasma detection positive requires treatment;

3. Preparation/pregnancy is diagnosed as a mycoplasma infection without panic. You can choose the right drug according to the situation and standardize treatment.

Review expert: Deng Shuqiang, Huidong County People’s Hospital of the Guangdong Society, Dai Sujuan, Zengcheng Hospital of Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

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