What should I do if I do n’t eat hot in the sow?What should I do if the sow is on fire or not?There is a good way in this article

Sow’s internal heat refers to the heat toxic in the sows. If it is not discharged in time, it will cause a series of health problems. In this article, let’s explain the cause and prevention method of sow internal heat.

The cause of the heat of the sow:

If we find that sow stools are dry, with eye feces tears, rough hair, and old skin and other symptoms, they are all manifestations of the heat of the sows.The main reason for sow internal heat on the one hand is that mold toxins cannot be discharged in the sow’s body, and on the other hand, the sow has been raised for a long time, making the sow’s physique poor.EssenceTherefore, when we solve the internal heat phenomenon to the sow, we must also take into account these two reasons.

Treatment of hot and not eating in the sow:

The sow has the phenomenon of internal heat and not eating. The measures we can take is to give the sow for injections. It can injection cephalosporin+double Huanglian, and the other side is injected.Inner heat does not eat food, in addition, we can also use: clear the warmth too much, drink water for pigs.If the sow’s body has always been weak and not eaten, we can also add water to the sow: open food too much to supplement the sow to supplement the need for amino acids, vitamins and various nutrients required for the sows. This can also solve the sow.question.

Prevention of hot inside sows:

This phenomenon of sow is too hot, and we still have to prevent from the source, so as not to have symptoms such as fever, miscarriage, eyes and tears, and weakness during pregnancy.We can mix the sow: Mother animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific Bao+Kimmor Tai Bao. The mother animals can help sows to remove thermal poison in the body. Campy Tai Pao can relieve the mold toxin in the sows.The nutrition required, so that the trio can be used for sow, it can effectively prevent the heating of the sows and the overweight, and can also play a role in a tire and preservation during the sow during pregnancy.

In the above content, we explain the cause, treatment, and prevention methods of sow. If we encounter the phenomenon of the hot and not food in the sow, we can try the method in the article. I hope the content of this article can help our farmers.

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