What should I do if I find an extramarital affair?

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外 Guidance: For extramarital affairs and pregnancy, it is a serious violation of the loyal obligation to marriage. The man can claim the right to divorce and damage the right to compensation.

The Civil Code stipulates that families should establish a good family style, promote family virtues, and attach importance to the construction of family civilization.Husbands and wives should be faithful, respect each other, and love each other; family members should respect the elderly and love the young, help each other, and maintain a marriage and family relationship of equality, harmony and civilization.

The extramarital affairs of the husband and wife belong to a violation of loyalty obligations. It is a fault. The fault may cause the husband and wife to break the relationship. The extramarital affairs and pregnancy will be a major fault and can become a direct reason for divorce.Article 1079 of the Civil Code stipulates that if a husband and wife ask for divorce, the relevant organization may mediate or directly file a divorce lawsuit to the people’s court.The people’s courts should be mediate; if the relationship is indeed broken and the mediation is invalid, divorce shall be allowed.If one of the following situations, if the mediation is invalid, the divorce shall be allowed:

(1) Drying or living with others;

(2) Implement family violence or abuse or abandon family members;

(3) There are evil habits such as gambling, drug abuse and other evils;

(4) Due to emotional discord and staying for 2 years;

(5) Other circumstances that cause the relationship between husband and wife.

Extramarital affairs and pregnancy can be included in other circumstances that cause the relationship between husband and wife. Without the wrong party, you can claim to divorce, you can agree to divorce, or you can divorce.In addition, extramarital affairs and pregnancy, the man advocated damage compensation at the time of divorce.One of the following situations, which leads to divorce, has the right to request damage compensation:

(1) Dry; (2) Cohabitation with others; (3) implementing domestic violence; (4) abuse and abandoning family members; (5) There are other major faults.

In general, if the spouse’s extramarital affairs can be negotiated, or reconciled, or divorce; when the other party does not agree with the divorce, it can also prosecute to solve it.

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