What should I do if I find pregnancy after taking the medicine?

This month I met two questions from the drug housekeeper platform of our hospital. One of them asked after taking an emergency contraceptive pill after the same room, but they were later discovered or pregnant. Can this child ask?After using methotrexate, I found that I am pregnant again. Can this child ask?Although the drugs involved in the problem are different, their focus has fallen to find what to do after taking the drug.

Drug harm caused by the more famous pregnancy and medication in the pharmaceutical community (the incident of life or physical health damage caused by drug use) is reaction stop (Sali amine, and the indication at the time was pregnancy vomiting) and seal limb deformityThis medicine has led to more than 10,000 children’s seal limbs in 17 countries around the world.

Therefore, the rationality of a woman from the end of pregnancy to breastfeeding is very important.Today I will come to the popular science to find that I have taken drugs during pregnancy and whether I need to terminate pregnancy.

First of all, we must have a simple understanding of the entire pregnancy process.The menstrual cycle of normal women is 28 ± 7 days, and ovulation often occurs around 14 days before the next menstruation.After a sperm that can get an egg with an egg, the fertilized process begins. The fertilized eggs reach the uterus from the fallopian tube. After successful, they will slowly develop into a fetus.

The effects of drugs on embryos can be divided into early embryo, embryo and fetal stage.I found pregnancy after taking the medicine. At this time, it belongs to the early stages of embryo, that is, between two weeks after fertilization or between 14-28 days of the menstrual cycle, the simple calculation method is to add 14 days in the same room or the first day of the last menstruation for 28 days.

During this time, the impact of drugs on embryos is "all or no" theory.

The "all or no" theory, very simple literal meaning, either the effect on the embryo is 100 % impact, which makes the embryo stop growing, or there is no impact, and the embryo grows naturally and develops naturally.

The first asked to take contraceptive pills after the same room, but later I was pregnant. Here is because he did not specifically explain which contraceptive it took. Let me give it an example.Simple moody products are X category (that is, disabled for pregnancy women) in the classification of pregnancy. He is a rapid and short -acting contraceptive, which can significantly inhibit ovulation, increase the consistency of cervical mucus to prevent sperm from advancing and combine with eggs, prevent pregnancy from pregnancy, prevent pregnancy.Own bed.However, after taking the emergency contraceptive, you find that you are still pregnant, indicating that the medicine has no effect on the embryo. You can use the theory of "all or no": if there is a miscarriage, you do not protect the fetus.

"All or no"

Because the last pregnancy was an ectopic pregnancy, the namamate was used.It didn’t take long to get pregnant again (within 3 months), can this child ask?The category of methamphetamine is also X -level in the category of pregnancy. The drug can be excreted by 90%within 24 hours.However, it should be noted that if the oxyate is reused daily, it will make some drugs accumulate in the organization and make the efficacy more lasting, because the US FDA has issued a black frame warning: It is recommended that women are recommended during the use of methotrexate.Take effective contraceptive measures within 6 months, and men take effective measures for contraception during the treatment period and final dose.So whether the questioner retains this embryo depends on whether the methotrexate was used only once or for a few days.

At this time, is anyone questioning why some medicines can use the theory of "all or no", and some medicine cannot.In the early pregnancy, most drugs are still suitable for the theory of "all or no", but there are also very few special drugs that are not suitable for this theory, such as Libaweilin, different vitamin A.Noreic acid), and other vaccines (live vaccines) to prevent measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox, thorough white, and smallpox.

So how do we need to pay attention to these drugs that are not suitable for "full or no" theory?

Libaweilin: After 6 months of discontinuation, you can prepare for pregnancy (both men and women need contraception as required).

Different dimension A: Orally stopped drugs for 3 months to prepare for pregnancy.

Avi acid: Preparation can be prepared after 2 years of stopping the medicine.

Therefore, families with pregnancy plan must not be used.Even if you use medicine, please use it under the guidance of a doctor and pharmacist.

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