What should I do if I get pregnant?Different solutions to different parts are different. Pregnant mothers need to know

When you are pregnant, everyone is very happy, and there are many pregnant mothers who are not adapting. Probably this discomfort can only understand that the pregnant mother themselves will understand.For example, various itching appears in the body.Everyone should know the feeling of itching. That feeling is really unable to describe it in words. It is really willing to be beaten, and they are unwilling to itch all the time.About 20%of pregnant mothers have symptoms of skin itching during pregnancy, and it is itchy in different parts.

1. Itchy belly

After the pregnant mother is pregnant, the belly is enlarged, and the skin is pulled open to form stretch marks that make the pregnant mothers hate. Because the skin is quickly opened and the skin is lost, it will lack water.Itching feels.At this time, you can apply some olive oil on your belly, which can be relieved slightly. Remember not to scratch your hands. You can rub it gently with your hands.In addition, it is the key to replenish the body. When the water is supplemented, it can really solve itching.

2. Breast itching

Due to the increase in hormone in the body during pregnancy, the breasts will increase, and it will be prone to itching. In particular, there will be a lot of small particles near the nipples. With the friction of clothes, itching is crazy.You don’t have to worry about this phenomenon. If you can’t stand it, you can clean the nipples with water. You can also appropriately apply some skin care products. Do not use too exciting and pay attention to the ingredients.Try to wear cotton underwear, change clothes frequently, and take a bath.

3. Private itching

Itching is prone to external causes during pregnancy. This is caused by the increase in secretions after pregnancy, but it may also be infection caused by unwilling attention.If it is not very serious, start starting from the hygiene of yourself.Pay attention to cleaning, choose soft, cotton, good breathability, and change every day.You can also use warm water to clean the itching parts every day. Pay attention to use warm water.If it is serious, you must go to the doctor to see if it is infected with germs.

Careful itching during pregnancy

Drugs used for antipruritic use of ointment should be used.Those who use any ointment should be used under the guidance of a doctor and instructions;

Remember not to believe the prescription, listen to rumors to avoid accidents;

Itchy skin related to pregnancy will be resolved postpartum, so pregnant mothers relax and do not affect the mood during pregnancy.

Prevent itching, usually living habits, and eating habits are also important.Pregnant mothers should wear breathable, not close -fitting clothes. The material is mainly cotton. The clothes should be dried in the sun to avoid sullen drying in a humid and dark environment.Take a bath once or twice a day. If the number of baths is too large, the water temperature is too high, it will increase the sense of itching.

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