What should I do if I get pregnant?Dr. Zhuhai used "nuclear radiation" substance to make her become a mother

Recently, the reporter learned from the Zhuhai Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital that the hospital’s doctor used the "nuclear radiation" substance to make a "hyperthyroidism" female patient a "mother dream".

Xiaoxin (a pseudonym) is less than 30 years old, but encountered a very strange thing: sitting and accelerating without holding a heartbeat, sometimes it is particularly easy to sweat;I was very excited, I couldn’t sleep, I finally fell asleep, and I woke up again in the middle of the night … I helplessly went to the hospital for examination and confirmed that she was hyperthyroidism.

When Xiaoxin was treated with hyperthyroidism, she suddenly found that she was pregnant!what to do?She is in a dilemma: when she is pregnant, taking medicine will affect the fetus; without taking medicine, hyperthyroidism will continue, which will affect the fetus, which can easily cause children’s miscarriage or development.

"Iodine -131" radiation material treatment has successfully cracked the problem

Xiao Xin knew clearly that if hyperthyroidism was not cured, she could no longer have children.Hyperthyroidism is used to treat hyperthyroidism. Although it is hoped to cure, it is likely to recur, and once you recur, you will abandon the forefront.Therefore, she started to read a lot of books about hyperthyroidism, from which it learned that there was a treatment method called "iodine-131", and she found Liu Gang, chief physician of the nuclear medical department of Zhuhai Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital.

What is iodine 131?Director Liu Gang said that iodine 131 is another method for treating hyperthyroidism. Unlike the idea of taking medicine, taking medicine is to inhibit thyroxin secretion.Iodine -131 is actually a non-operating operation.After iodine enters the human body, only thyroid gland will absorb iodine, and then synthesize thyroxine for human body needs.

Iodine -131 is a kind of radioactive substance. This radioactive iodine is different from the stable iodine required by thyroid, but the thyroid gland cannot be distinguished. As long as it is iodine, it is absorbed and stored.

Iodine -131 "Minding Passing" will decline after entering the thyroid, and radiation β-rays during decay.It is equivalent to an ultra -micro nuclear bomb explosion. Its "explosion" range is 2 mm, which can destroy part of the thyroid tissue without damage to other human organs.

People with hyperthyroidism have exceeded the standard of thyroxine. After the thyroid gland is destroyed, the function will decrease, and the secretion of thyroxine synchronization will decrease.Of course, the number of patients with hyperthyroidism is different, so the amount of iodine-131 is completely different. Before each use, the patient must be strictly and accurate to grasp the dosage.

After using iodine-131, Xiaoxin was checked in 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months, and found that the level of thyroid ainine was normal.Dr. Liu told Xiaoxin: Hyperthyroidism has been cured and can be pregnant.

The thyroid immune disorders make the baby a baby journey "twists and turns"

Xiaoxin quickly became pregnant again.There was no "harassment" of hyperthyroidism this time, and she was a lot of peace of mind.However, because of knowing that her purpose of treating hyperthyroidism is to get pregnant, Director Liu Gang reminded her that hormone levels must be measured every month after pregnancy.

The reason why Dr. Liu said is because although iodine 131 therapy has no effect and no side effects, 30%of patients will experience hypothyroidism after treatment.

The so -called hypothyroidism refers to insufficient synthetic thyroxine.Mainly because thyroid immune disorders still exist.Although Xiaoxin’s thyroid function has returned to normal before pregnancy, the needle of the fetal growth and development of fetal growth and development during pregnancy is not enough.

Sure enough, about March, Xiaoxin’s monitoring results showed that she had sub -clinical hypothyroidism.The fetus did not have thyroids 4 months ago, and its thyroxine depends on the supply of the mother. If the supply is insufficient, it will affect nerve development.Director Liu Gang took a thyroxine for Xiaoxin and insisted on the end of pregnancy.Xiaoxin made a healthy and healthy baby, and she was so excited that she was so excited.


Hyperthyroidism is more "favored" women, the proportion of hyperthyroidism for men and women is 1: 6

What kind of people are easy to have hyperthyroidism?The causes of hyperthyroidism are relatively complicated. It is recognized that the disease is based on genetic, induced by stress factors such as infection, psychological trauma, and belongs to a organ specific self -immunity.The first is to consume too much iodine.The thyroid gland is synthesized by iodine, and excessive iodine intake can cause excessive secretion of thyroxine. For example, people with a lot of seaweed and kelp, but this situation is not very common.The second is long -term emotional anxiety and overwhelmed.Such people have caused immune dysfunction due to emotional reasons, and immune cells destroy the thyroid gland.

Data show that the proportion of men and women who gain hyperthyroidism is 1: 6, women are six times that of men, and women’s occurrences are at the age of 25 to 45.

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