What should I do if I have a cold in IVF?Doctor: It may affect the test tube process

The road of test tube is difficult to walk, and despite being very careful, I can’t resist the sudden cold.I do n’t care too much about usual, just buy a cold medicine for a while.

But this is a big deal for women who are test tube babies.If it takes a lot of effort, everything must be from scratch.

Today, let’s take a closer look. What should I do if I have a cold during the test tube treatment?


If you have a cold before promoting and have used treatment drugs, you should consider whether the doctor’s suggestion should continue to promote the arrangement.

Because if it is a virus infection, it may affect the effect of ovulation and the quality of follicles.

Therefore, it is recommended to treat colds during this period to ensure physical health, and then start ovulation after recovery.

After the arrangement

If you have a cold after promoting, your body temperature is lower than 38 ° C, it is recommended to observe first, drink plenty of water, rest more, and take eggs normally after self -healing.

If the body temperature is higher than 38 ° C, it is necessary to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. As for whether the test tube process can continue?You need to make a decision through observation.

If the high fever does not retreat, it may affect the promotion process. Generally, doctors will recommend canceling this cycle treatment.

Before transplantation

Colds before transplanting often make the test tube mothers very nervous, fearing not to be transplanted smoothly.

At this time, the doctor should be fully communicated with the hospital in time, and the doctor should be evaluated.

If the body temperature is not higher than 38 ° C, it can be transplanted normally; but exceeding 38 ° C, consider freezing the embryo first, wait for the body to recover before transplantation.

After transplantation

If it is infected with a viral cold after transplantation, the fetus is easily violated.

Therefore, be sure to take precautions after transplantation and early pregnancy!

If you accidentally catch a cold, you need to receive treatment in time, and do not take it blindly, because some drugs may affect embryo bed and develop.

If the symptoms of a cold are slightly mild, there is no fever. It is recommended to rest and drink more water. Pay attention to observation.

To a certain extent, colds will affect the success rate of artificial pregnancy technology.To avoid colds during pregnancy, friends must take preventive measures.If you accidentally suffer from a cold or not too nervous, you should find the need for solutions in time in time.In addition, we must actively prevent colds, pay attention to increase or decrease clothes when you go out, avoid excessive fatigue, and ensure adequate sleep.

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