What should I do if I have eczema in pregnancy?This is not possible to get rid of dampness

Pregnancy Eczema is a case where the hormone levels of pregnant women have changed the rash. Generally, they occur 6 months of pregnancy. They can appear in any part of the body. Once they occur, itching is unbearable and easy to recur, but it has no impact on the baby.Eczema of pregnant women can be divided into acute, subacute and chronic eczema.The three do not have obvious boundaries and can change each other.

Acute eczema: Consciously itching, skin lesions, polyphonic, erythema, pimples, pimples, pimples, or blisters densely form, easy to exudate, unclear realm, such as secondary infection, pustules or pustules may occur.

Sub -acute eczema: After the verification of acute eczema is reduced, there is still severe itching. The skin lesions are mainly pimples, scabs, and scales. It can be seen that a small amount of pimple herpes, mild erosion, improper treatment, can cause acute attacks or switch to chronic eczema.

Chronic eczema: It is often turned into chronic eczema due to acute and subacute eczema’s recurred seizures; it can also be not obvious. Due to often scratching, friction or other stimuli, chronic eczema is caused by the beginning of the onset.

Eczema must be treated in a timely manner, otherwise the pain that pregnant women must bear are several times more common.So what should I do if I have eczema in pregnancy? Just look here!

The first is to use eczema ointment for pregnant women. The method of use is simple and convenient, and it works quickly.However, it is best to choose a product that has no side effects to avoid affecting the development of the fetus. It can locally apply the Paofu Ozhen skin cream. Pure natural formulas, you can use it with confidence.

Then pay attention to the protection measures of the skin of the affected area to avoid external stimuli such as mechanical scratching, hot washing, soapy water rubbing, etc. These will aggravate the condition of eczema. The movements of the affected area should be soft to avoid skin damage. This is also preventing eczema from eczema.Important means of deterioration.

In the end, it is far from allergens. Allergens are an important factor that causes eczema. Therefore, in life, you must stay away from everything that may cause skin allergies to curb the occurrence of eczema from the root cause.The problem of eczema caused by allergies.Food is also a major allergens. People with allergies should reduce the consumption of fish and shrimp.

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