What should I do if I have hypertension during pregnancy?For the health of the fetus, you must do these 6 things well

Pregnancy is a hard -working and happy thing. Every expectant mothers want to spend pregnancy stable and let the fetus grow and develop healthy.However, there are two blocks during pregnancy, and many idols can’t hide, that is, hypertension and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.Hypertension during pregnancy is a disease -specific disease during pregnancy, which will not only affect the health of pregnant women, but also endanger the growth and development of the fetus.What should I do if I have hypertension during pregnancy?These points need special attention.

1. Go to the hospital for treatment

Hypertension during pregnancy is not a small problem. Many pregnant women are not aware of its severity. When there is really serious consequences, regrets are too late, and hypertension during pregnancy must be treated in time.Determine the treatment method according to the severity of the disease. In most cases, drug treatment is used to control blood pressure through drugs.If the hypertension during pregnancy is particularly aggressive and the symptoms are more severe, you must be hospitalized for treatment, and you have to abandon your pregnancy if necessary.

2. Do not stop the medicine casually

If it is used to treat hypertension during pregnancy, do not interrupt at will during the medication.Do not feel that your symptoms are reduced or the symptoms disappear and stop the medicine, otherwise blood pressure will fluctuate greatly, but it will cause trouble for expectant mothers.Take antihypertensive drugs on time and amount on time. Do not miss it. If you accidentally miss it, it is best to ask the doctor how to solve it, and you cannot increase the dosage.

3. Matter blood pressure regularly every day

Women’s pregnancy is a very special period, and if hypertension during pregnancy has a very adverse effect on pregnant women and fetuses.Therefore, in the process of treatment, blood pressure should be detected on a regular basis, and every morning and evening must be tested to see the control of blood pressure.In addition to detecting blood pressure, you should also pay attention to whether you have severe discomfort. When complications come, you can find it in time.

4. There is sufficient rest time

Many expectant mothers work while pregnancy. After getting hypertension during pregnancy, it is best to ask for leave first and raise their fetuses at home.Don’t work too much when you get hypertension during pregnancy. You must take a good rest. At least ten hours of sleep time every day.It is best to take a rest on the left side when resting, and it is also to increase the blood volume of the heart, which is conducive to the health of the heart.If you have the problem of insomnia, you have to hurry up to solve it, and insomnia will cause blood pressure to rise.

5. Regular production inspection

Specific mothers with hypertension during pregnancy must do regular birth checkups, even more diligent than ordinary pregnant women.Because this disease may affect the growth and timely production checks of the fetus, it can find problems in time or solve it in time.

6. Do good care in daily life

After getting hypertension during pregnancy, you also need to take good care in life.First of all, there must be a positive attitude and cooperation with treatment. Don’t be too anxious or too anxious.Secondly, you also need to exercise a lot to improve the physical fitness of pregnant women and maintain the health of pregnant women.You need to pay more attention to your diet. Do not eat those foods with high salt content, eat more protein -rich foods, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which is conducive to blood pressure control.

Hypertension during pregnancy is not a small problem. Specific mothers must pay twelve points to pay attention to this matter.Not only must you actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, but you must also work harder in your life, so as to overcome difficulties and welcome healthy babies.

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