What should I do if I have serious gastric acid in the third trimester?Teach you a few tricks to easily relieve

Many expectant mothers will have a lot of pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy, especially vomiting the most obvious. When they finally spend early pregnancy, they have ushered in more uncomfortable pregnancy.Pregnancy vomiting is even more uncomfortable. Many mothers think they are sick. In fact, it is not. This is just because of a series of influence brought by the baby. So how can these uncomfortable symptoms improve?

I have something to say about the uncomfortable netizens in the third trimester of pregnancy:

A: In the second trimester, I always have the phenomenon of stomach reflex, indigestion, insomnia and depression.

B: The fetus in the belly needs nutrition. I always eat a lot of things. I do n’t know that the more I eat, the more uncomfortable it is.

C: I feel uncomfortable after eating, and it is even more uncomfortable when I do not eat.

D: After pregnancy, I became particularly lazy. The little guy in my stomach was too tossing. In the early pregnancy, I was too pregnant to get to the second trimester. I was immediately in the third trimester. I was exhausted.

Why is the gastric acid in the third trimester particularly serious?

1. Normal pregnancy vomiting

About one and a half months after pregnancy, the choric membrane in the body promotes the significant increase in the secretion of gonad hormone, which reduces the gastric acid significantly, and the activity of the digestive enzyme is also reduced.The addition of so many reasons has greatly affected the digestive ability of expectant mothers.It will also cause pregnancy reactions. If the head will be dizzy, you will be disgusting and vomiting, don’t want to eat, and feel tired and tired.

Second, indigestion

Due to the changes in hormones, the sphincter will become very relaxed, and the food that pregnant mothers eat can easily run.The acidic substances in the stomach flow from the stomach to the esophagus, throat, and oral cavity, causing stimulation to the mucous membrane.This situation causes indigestion and generally does not need to take medicine, but it can be improved through a healthy diet.

Third, uterine compression

In the third trimester, an enlarged uterus will also compress the stomach.In addition, pregnancy will increase your hormone, which will relax the muscles between the esophagus and the stomach, make the gastric acid a lot, and make the chest feel very hot.

How to improve the discomfort of gastric acid in the late pregnancy?

1. The diet should be light

Pay attention to diet during pregnancy, try to eat as light as possible, eat more fruits and vegetables, some greasy, indigestible and irritating foods, do not eat.If pregnant mothers really have no appetite, you can also drink some nutritious pregnant women’s milk powder. My friend said that Youbo Mommy’s pregnant women’s milk powder is good. Calcium iron zinc, folic acid and other nutrient content are high.The taste is also very light.

Second, eat more foods that are easy to digest

Especially for some people with too much gastric acid, you can choose foods such as noodles, because the alkali in the noodles can neutralize gastric acid and relieve stomach discomfort to achieve the effect of nourishing the stomach.

3. Don’t rush to exercise after eating

Exercise will affect gastrointestinal digestion and is not conducive to development. It is recommended to exercise after one hour after meals. You can choose to take a walk to speed up intestinal digestion.

In short, eat less sweetest things during the third trimester, you must eat reasonable meals, eat some foods that are conducive to the development of the fetus, eat less calories and high fat content.Return to the cavel, causing heartburne and acid reflux.

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