What should I do if I have vaccinated the new crown vaccine?Do you have to do nucleic acid testing?

Recently, netizens are concerned about more questions about the new crown vaccine. Today, I will answer two questions about them.

The first question: Can I stay after I found that the new crown vaccine found that the child is pregnant?

It is recommended to get pregnant after at least 1-2 months after vaccination, it is best to be pregnant for three months.Because pregnant women are not taken into account the experimental crowd in the process of developing and developing new crown vaccines.

However, it has not yet been found that the active vaccine will cause too much harm to pregnant women and the fetus. For example, the influenza is vaccine, and pregnant women can be used.Because the new crown vaccine is also an active vaccine, if you find that you are pregnant after the new crown vaccine, you do not have to have a miscarriage. Children can generally stay and do not need to be too nervous.

After staying, you must regularly check the examinations during pregnancy. Pay attention to observing the development of the fetus. Only normal can be retained. If abnormalities occur, it is necessary to deal with it in time.

Remind everyone if there are fertility requirements within three months, do not take the new crown vaccine for the time being. If you have already taken a new crown vaccine, you should pay attention to contraception for 2-3 months.That is, you can get pregnant after two normal menstruation.

The second question: Do you need to do nucleic acid testing after playing the new crown vaccine?

So far, no vaccine can play a 100%protection effect. After the vaccine is vaccinated, a few people may not cause protection or may be onset.Therefore, the vaccination certificate of the new crown vaccine cannot directly replace the nucleic acid test report.The first seven days after the first needle of the new crown vaccine was vaccinated, antibodies were generally produced. The positive rate of the antibody positive for 14-28 days was about 60%-90%. After 28 days of vaccination, the positive rate of the antibody can reach more than 90%, and it will continue to form a sustainable.Protect.

In other words, most people can produce protective antibodies after vaccination. If there is no special exposure history, that is, there is no contact with infected or suspected infection. Generally, no nucleic acid testing is required.

However, if there are possible risks that may be infected, it is necessary to cooperate with relevant departments to perform nucleic acid testing when necessary.(Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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