What should I do if I see red in the early pregnancy?The doctor bluntly said: In some cases, there is no hindrance to the fetus

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The cousin was just pregnant last month. For her first pregnancy, it can be said that she pays attention to all aspects.But even so, the cousin still had red symptoms a few days ago.At that time, her husband was still on a business trip. The cousin had no experience and did not know what was the problem of seeing red in the early stages of pregnancy.In the words of my cousin, it was all kinds of lies at that time. She called me as soon as possible, and then we went to the hospital.

What should I do if I see red in the early pregnancy?Many pregnant mothers will actually encounter the problem of red when they are pregnant. For those pregnant mothers who are not experienced, because they do n’t understand, they do n’t know what the situation is, of course, there are only panic.After I took my cousin to the hospital, the doctor checked it, and then told us that the cousin’s situation was not big, which was a slight threatened abortion.And the doctor bluntly said that when you see red in the early stages of pregnancy, some cases are actually not hindrance to the fetus, and pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous at all.

What is the reason for seeing red in the early pregnancy?The doctor’s explanation is like this.

Threatened abortion

For various reasons, the chances of aura abortion can now be said to be very high after women’s pregnancy.However, the doctor bluntly stated that the so -called threatened abortion only sounds a "abortion". Unrexible pregnant mothers will feel a little scary, in fact, most of them are not hindrance.

If the pregnant mother is caused by this situation, there is no need to panic.What needs to be done is less exercise.According to the test results of pregnant mothers, some cases may prescribe some fetal medicines for pregnant mothers, similar to drugs supplementing progesterone, and so on.Pregnant mothers only need to obey the doctor’s arrangement, and then let it go, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

The doctor bluntly said that if this is the case, basically the symptoms of redness will disappear after a week.However, for the sake of safety, it is best to go to the hospital for a review after a week of safety, so that you can also be more assured.

Fetal stop

There is also a situation that pregnant mothers will also have symptoms of redness. This situation is also a bad one, that is, "fetal stopping".In the early stages of pregnancy, for various reasons, similar to fetal chromosomes, or pregnant mothers belong to elderly maternal, uterine malformations, etc. In short, various reasons, the fetus stops developing, and the pregnant mother will also appear red during the fetal stopping process.Symptoms, some pregnancy reactions during pregnancy will also disappear.Generally, this situation belongs to fetal stopping, which means that the baby is stopped developing and the fetus is gone.

The doctor’s suggestion is that no matter what kind of reasons, the redness is because the pregnant mother has no experience.After discovering the redness, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.If the situation is worse, the fetus stops developing. At this time, the pregnant mother must accept the facts. I believe that the principle of the survival of the fittest of nature has its own principles, adjust the mood, and wait patiently to wait for the next good pregnancy.

If it belongs to a threatened abortion, most of them are not hindrance, and the development of the fetus will not be affected. Pregnant mothers only need to pay more attention in some aspects.


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