What should I do if I was unwilling to get out of the caesarean section for 10 months?

Because the epidemic husband invested in a restaurant in the restaurant, there was almost no business, and the shop was closed for a while. The rent had been paid for three years without refund, and all the tableware spent tens of thousands. Then Dabao went out.He was all about one month when I was aware of it. At that time, because there was an epidemic in the New Year, the hospital was not unsealed. It was 45 days off at that time.When the doctor took B -ultrasound, he told me that he had a fetal heart. The doctor asked, "Do you plan or not?" Just as asking me, "Did you eat?" It made me feel uncomfortable. At that timeI am 30 years old, and the child has not been in my plan, but he is here, so I decided to leave him. Of course, the process is not so smooth. In the early stage, there was a threatened abortion risk for half a month.There was no pregnancy reaction before the pregnancy, but the stomach pain could not be eaten. It was difficult to get in the middle of the 34th weeks of the middle of the pregnancy.

Can you imagine the feeling of dripping only three drops of potion in one minute?It is three days to hit this speed. It feels good to go to the fetus and return to liberation. I just hit it for half a month. I feel that I have depression. I cried and begged my husband to take me to the hospital.I really can’t stand it, I feel that I will take it again. I am really going crazy. I went to the hospital once two days after I was discharged. At 39 weeks, it was the 6th of the National Day. My son was born.

Because the children and my husband will not use urine and so as not to wet. Almost all children are bringing me. At night, they also get up and take it. After the confinement, they will work.I have to help, so the child is almost brought by me. When we almost 9 months, we already owed more than 10,000. During that time, there were more epidemic stores transferred.The card is almost blocked, either unblocked and can only be traded at the counter, or it is limited!

My child and I discussed with my husband to go to work for 9 months. Otherwise, I really do n’t know what to do. I ’m reluctant and sorry for the child, but I really ca n’t. I cried for a few days at night.The bottle, the elderly at home said that it would be difficult to quit milk, but the accident was that the milk quitting was smooth. Now the child is still young.

I found that the menstruation was postponed for a few days for about a month. At that time, I was working in the factory for almost a month, because I did QC running between each building every day.There are about 10 layers of the capital, plus the work of work at 5:30 is directly connected to overtime. After 12 o’clock, after 12 o’clock to 8:30 pm, I returned to the house for more than 9 hours.

My stomach is uncomfortable, so I resigned. I went to the hospital to check it again. It was exactly the same as the first time, because the first child was a cesarean section. Strictly speaking, I was pregnant again in less than 9 months.There is still about 25 cm away from the scar, which is a low risk, but I am afraid that the baby will become more and more in the later period of scar rupture. At that time, adults and children will have risks, but there may be such risks.Don’t, like the first time I think I already have a fetal heart, there is risks, but I really don’t want to leave when the child is not coming to this world. I decided to leave the child again.

But my husband and I have unstable work. I just changed my job, my husband’s work was unstable, and my life was difficult. My mother advised me not to have children first.Suitable for the second child so fast, my husband can’t sleep every day. He feels sorry for me and my children. I feel that I will work hard with the child anyway. As long as the child can live safely, I really don’t matter.

But now I am a little shaken, I really feel sorry for my children, but I feel that I can’t hold it anymore. Whether it is Hua Tao or Borrowing, the gold bars cannot be used!I want to buy some dishes when I passed by the vegetable market today. I just picked some green peppers and called it 2.8 yuan. As a result, I couldn’t pay it at all. I found that the card could not be used.It is very embarrassing. Many helpless emotions come all at once. In the end, I did n’t buy food. It was not heavy when it rained. I wanted to cry when I waited for the bus.Intersection

Sitting on the bus, I was thinking, what if the scar rupture me after appearing, can I really accept the fact that my child leaves me?If you are lucky, what should I do if it is premature?Do I have this economic ability to save?

At that moment I shaken, is my persistence really for my children?Will it hurt the child? I am really confused, but let me give up if I do n’t work hard now. I really can’t bear it. My husband said, "Would you like to give up?" I cried, but I couldn’t sleep at all.As soon as I lay down, I kept falling. The doctor said that the flow of people was best about 7 weeks, which means that I have to decide now. I really don’t know what to do!

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