What should I do if Ichy itching?

After pregnancy, due to the growth of progesterone, the skin will have a series of problems such as dryness, pigmentation, pigmentation, skin relaxation, stretch marks, and other problems. Stretch marks and subsequent reactions brought by them are the most among them.Especially the stretch marks itchy, itching is really life -threatening.In ancient times, there was a punishment, named itchy, and countless people fell under it.Although the stretch marks itch is not so serious, it can also be imagined its seriousness.So, what should I do if I feel itchy for pregnancy? Have you tried it if it is itchy?

What should I do if Ichy itching?

1. Moisturizing and moisturizing

If you want to solve the problem of pregnancy and stretch marks of pregnant women, the key is to replenish the body.In addition to drinking water, external application is also important.For example, you can apply common fruit masks, such as tomatoes, apples, potatoes, cucumber sliced masks, etc., which are attached to places with stretch marks, so that these broken cells are full of water.

However, pay attention, no matter what kind of fruit, when making a mask, add some other things, such as milk and yogurt, which can solve the problem of itching of stretch marks, but also make the body smoother, delicate, fairdelicate.

What should I do if Ichy itching?

2. salt water or vinegar

What should I do if pregnant women’s pregnancy marks itching? Vinegar and salt have the effect of sterilization and anti -inflammatory, and the acidic substances and aldehydes contained in vinegar can expand the capillaries, stimulate the skin, and effectively alleviate the skin brought by stretch marks.Itching.

Method: Before going to bed every night, you can use half a basin of water in the basin of water, then put an appropriate amount of salt or rice vinegar, heat until salt dissolved, and use a towel to dip the affected area to see the effect. If you repeat, you can continue to scrub.

What should I do if Ichy itching?

Third, cold and cold water alternate

What should I do if my pregnancy and stretch marks are itchy? Every time I bathe, insist on rinse stretch marks with cold and hot water.Cold water can enhance the nutrition of the skin and promote sebum secretion. The skin appears white, smooth, and elastic. Hot water can promote local blood circulation and relieve itching symptoms.

Note: When using hot water, the water temperature should be 30-40 degrees Celsius, which is slightly higher than the body temperature. It is advisable to feel hot.Too hot water will destroy the sebum film, cause tiny skin damage, and reverse itching.In addition, use softer washing supplies when itching, and be sure to rinse.

The stretch marks are gone, so why talk about itching of stretch marks? Therefore, the root of how to do it with itching of pregnancy and stretch marks is its root cause -stretch marks.I hope mothers can get rid of stretch marks.

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