What should I do if my child becomes asexual marriage after birth?

When the husband and wife have a problem with sexual life, and the husband has no sexual passion for his wife, his wife often feels doubtful, worried that the other party will not love himself, and worry that the husband and wife relationship has caused bad changes.Especially after many husbands and wives have children, her husband has a cold sex. His wife blames and distressed. He tries to help men recover, but often feel very weak.What should I do if they are worried about this and enter a sexual marriage?

In the psychological counseling of marriage, many couples came to problems such as disorder, distress, confidence crisis, partners’ extramarital affairs, family contradictions, etc., Ere dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc.And because this is the pain that many people are difficult to open up, I do not know how to ask for help, often missing the best time to sexual counseling.Teacher Li Jianxue, a sexual psychotherapist, share with you a case of sexual counseling.

The 32 -year -old Xiaojuan child is four years old this year, but since the child was born to the present, the sexual life between their husbands and wives has been poor, and it can even be said that she has not succeeded.

There is no sexual life after half a year after the birth of the child. Xiaojuan still feels pretty good. On the one hand, the wound is a little painful on the one hand. On the other hand, it is very tired to take care of the child. The main thing is that she has no desire.Essence

But over time, Xiaojuan found that her husband hadn’t taken the initiative to ask for a long time.This makes her feel a little wrong: her husband is strong. At that time, she should have desire, and their sexual life will be passionate after marriage. It is often twice a night. Why do n’t the husband take the initiative for so long?What’s more?

Xiaojuan puzzled her husband, and he shouted that he was under pressure during this time, and said that he had no mood due to the noise of the child.Xiaojuan thinks too, hoping that everything will be fine after a while.

As the child grew up day by day, Xiaoju found that her husband seemed to have no intention to live sex.Sometimes, the child is not around, and the husband also pushes it off.

Xiaojuan also began to be anxious. She grabbed her husband and asked him what happened.With the deepening of the communication, her husband said that since the process of seeing her production, I feel that the child’s birth is too bloody. Whenever he smells the milk on his wife, he thinks of the bloody field.I dare not touch her lower body anymore.

After listening to her husband’s statement, Xiaojuan felt very collapsed. She was sad. She was so angry! It was so hard for her pregnancy, production, and nurturing her children, but her husband disliked her body and did not love herself.

Her husband also felt guilty and blame that he could not satisfy his wife, and tried to accommodate his wife as much as possible in other respects.

Xiaojuan, who calmed down slowly, knew that her husband still loved herself. The current situation is not his intention to do it. Crying cannot solve the problem. She needs to face it with her husband.They negotiated and slowly restored their houses.

However, the new problem appeared. No matter what kind of husband couldn’t erected, there were several times that it was easy to erected, but he came down again before inserting it.At first they thought that the child could not focus on the bed in bed, and when they chose to be without a child, try the timing of the two to travel.The more you constantly explain that you are okay …

Looking at her husband’s anxiety, Xiaojuan was still comforting him at first, but she was anxious in her heart! She kept asking herself, because she changed her body because of pregnancy and delivery, making him have no interest in himself? OrBecause the two had been together for a long time, he was tired of not loving himself? Xiaojuan quietly went to the hospital for vaginal tightening, re -changed his hairstyle, bought a few sexy underwear, and went to the gym to participate in type training.Although she did this, her intercourse with her husband still did not progress.

Recently, my husband often returns late, either to be entertainment, or to work overtime. When you are at home, you will play games online. He always goes to bed until he goes to bed every day.In the past, the two were hugging and sleeping together. During this time, not only did they not have an emotional communication, but sometimes they accidentally encountered it at night, and both sides quickly bounced away. This feeling hurt Xiaojuan.

This way of evasion of her husband has added her new doubts, is there anyone outside him? Even tangled, because he didn’t love me and me, he went to find someone else? Or did he go outside?With someone, I don’t want to have sex with me? …

Along with doubts, constant quarrels and cold war are the marriages of wind and rain.

After calm down, when the husband and wife discussed, they felt that since the problem of marriage, they could no longer solve them, and they could only seek the help of professionals.Therefore, they met with marriage psychological counseling together.

After understanding, Li Jianxue, a sexual psychotherapist, pointed out that their main problem lies in the sexual dysfunction disorders caused by her husband’s seeing the entire production process, which is the problem of heart cause.

After discussing the core issues of the entire incident, the focus is on the psychological shadow caused by terror and nausea during the elimination of the entire production process, and solve the sexual dysfunctional impairment.Determine the use of system desensitization method to solve this problem in combination with relaxation training and behavior therapy.

After two weeks, the symptoms of the gentleman greatly improved.At this time, they guided their husbands and wives to adjust the four -step method in strict accordance with erectile disorders, cooperate with the practice for an hour every day, and communicate their feelings with each other in the process of practice to express their own voices.Psychological counseling once a week, discuss the progress of exercises, and receive the next guide.

Two months later, the husband and wife not only returned to normal sexual life, but also felt that they were more intimate. Her husband also loved the children, felt that life was full of passion, and marriage was happier.

Guangzhou heard it. Psychological counseling reminded that because of the trend of accompanying births, many ladies will ask or her husband to voluntarily accompany their wives to produce. This is often the disadvantage.Sexual dysfunction.There is also a part of the male, just because the husband and wife watch the film and television materials about production together during the prenatal homework, and imagine the production process of his wife afterwards, and the sexual functional erectile disorder caused by it.There are also many precedents in the case of marriage and family psychological counseling received by Mr. Li Jianxue.

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