What should I do if my gum swelling?6 tricks help improve!More than 3 days, bleeding, purulent medical treatment as soon as possible

Swelling of gums is a very common oral problem. There are various reasons in life. Generally speaking, it will improve before long.However, this seemingly inconspicuous problem is often very disturbing when the situation is severe, and it may also be related to diseases and cancer. If it continues to improve, I am afraid that cellulitis or worsening of cellular tissues or diseases will be reminded to pay more attention.

Why do gums swell and inflammation?Common 4 major reasons

The most common problem of swelling of the gum is irritating foods such as insufficient sleep, poor oral cleaning, alcohol or spicy substances, causing inflammation or infection. In addition, it is also very common to the crown inflammation caused by wisdom teeth.

When wisdom teeth grow, good luck can coexist with molars, but many times they ca n’t grow out and grow as deformed. The teeth are constantly pushing, causing inflammation of the gums nearby, making the gums swelling and it is difficult to disappear.

In addition, the swelling of the gums may also be related to the disease. For example, if the patients with diabetes are not controlled, the gum swelling and periodontal inflammation are also prone to occur.Swelling makes diabetes worse.

When it comes to diseases, I believe that the public is also very concerned about cancer. The swelling of gums appears in the clinical relationship with cancer.In terms of gum cancer, this cancer is very rare, and the white spots and erythema caused by oral cancer in the early stage of oral cancer appear more often in the oral mucosa. When gum swelling occurs, it is often in the later stage.Pay attention to purulent, stench, large -scale and weird swelling must pay special attention.

In addition to the above, the endocrine changes caused by pregnancy or menstrual period, or drug factors such as antiepileptic drugs, steroid drugs, etc. are also possible to swelling gums, but usually they are mostly chronic and less serious, but they can also pay more attention to pay more attention, but they can also pay more attention to more attention, but they can also pay more attention to more attention.Essence

Swelling gums, inflammation 2 status, do not tolerate as soon as possible!

Most people who will go to the doctor are usually very uncomfortable in the gums.It is normal for the gums to swell for 2 to 3 days, but if it does not relieve it for more than 3 days, it is recommended to seek medical treatment as soon as possible whether it can be endured.

The dentist prompts that it does not slow down for more than 3 days, and usually the situation is relatively serious. If the infection is caused and the oral bacteria are more, it is likely to form cellulitis, which will be more tricky to deal with it.On the other hand, it may also be a warning message such as other diseases. If you ignore it, the condition may be worse.

6 tricks can help improve gum swelling, and can supplement related nutrition in moderation!

When the gum swelling is still observing, people can use anti -inflammatory, analgesic drugs, or use of chin oil such as lippillar oil to be appropriately applied to the gingival swelling and pain in the gingival.

In addition, the general simple ice dressing is also a good way to improve, but it should be noted that ice is on the cheeks, not in the mouth.The salt water containing salt or warm salt water is also conducive to oral disinfection, which is helpful for improving the symptoms of swelling and pain.You can also appropriately supplement vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid, etc. These nutrients help improve gum problems.

During this time, it is natural to avoid irritating diet such as drinking and spicy food.It is also reminded again that if it is more than 3 days or depending on the condition, or even bleeding, and pus, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, and it is not advisable to drag.

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