What should I do if my husband drinks every day?

I have been married for almost five years. I always love to go out to drink, and I do n’t listen to persuasion. I have to get drunk every time I drink. I really do n’t know that there are still such people in the world.From the beginning of the quarrel to crying to now, the heart has become a little cold.

I went out to drink again today. I can’t remember how many times I was drunk. I went out at least three times a week, and I had to get drunk every time. I was really speechless.The mood is bad, there is nowhere to vent, and you can only talk about headlines.I really do n’t know how much mold I fell to marry a wine ghost, and I was really disappointed with him!I am happy in the eyes of others. I have a pair of cute children, and get along well with my parents -in -law, but every family has a difficult scripture. My husband is the biggest source of the biggest contradiction in our family. Others are not good in my mother -in -law. WeThe couple discord, because of drinking!IntersectionHis parents and I have persuaded many times. After every time he wakes up, he guarantees that he will never drink anymore, but whenever a friend calls him, he always leaves everything and goes to drink.Can’t drink, don’t go out without a friend.I don’t want to make his friend feel how strong I am. I have to stop even with my friends when I go out. But every time I guarantee it, I will be drunk as soon as I come back.Urged him, he said that he would go back after drinking the last cup, or go back right away, or just go home on the road, but you just wait for the right to come back. If you call it, you can say that or just call the phone shut.you.It’s really dead!IntersectionIntersectionFrom getting married and giving birth to a child, housework is not helpful, and the child does not help it. It can be said that even a diapers have not been changed to the child, because it is not dirty!IntersectionMy daughter and son are only one and a half years old. They did not intend to ask. The result was unexpected. It was originally a childbirth, and the in -laws were urged to have a tight.It is almost thirty, and you can get rid of it earlier.But the facts are different from what I think about. God knows how I live in those years. Eight or nine pregnancy still have to sleep with the boss, and I have to hold her when I go out. After the second child is born, the two children often make noise to grab the west and west.Fighting, every day is either crying or that crying, always the day when chickens fly.Her husband does not help bring his children, and always goes out to drink. He is also lying on the corpse to play games at home.He recently found that there is high blood pressure, and the high pressure is almost 160. After taking the blood pressure of the antihypertensive drug for a few days, he still does not converge. It should still not converge. It is time for smoking, drinking and drinking.I do n’t listen, and his parents do n’t listen. No one can control him.A group of fox friends and dog friends who pay every day, either a single divorce or a bunch of accounts. I really don’t know what to associate with these people?If it is a necessary entertainment, even if it can improve myself or a little favorable, I will not stop him.And he was just to satisfy his personal desires, and they had a mountain.I can’t understand it!IntersectionI do n’t know why he does n’t ask for an advancement of 2,000 yuan per month?IntersectionI am really disappointed with him. I just hope that my children will grow up as soon as possible to take care of myself. At that time, I can divorce him. Do you say that my decision is right?Want to divorce him?IntersectionWho can give me pointers?Intersection

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