What should I do if my husband is derailed during pregnancy?

If your marriage is being derailed, but you don’t know what to do. After you can pay attention to the teacher, let’s talk about your situation.

I am Teacher Fang, a senior family marriage consultant who focuses on marriage restoration.

In the past few days, many fans have received messages from the background. There are really more and more cases of derailment in marriage. What should I do if my husband is derailed during pregnancy?Seven years of itching, we all know that when the marriage relationship is seven years, men are easily derailed, because he does not want to face a yellow -faced woman anymore, and does not want to face the same woman anymore.

However, some men like to be derailed when women are pregnant. They ignore the woman who is giving birth to a child for him. When experiencing the pain during pregnancy, they must bear the pain of childbirth and breed your common flesh.Therefore, women want to know what to do when your husband is derailed when you are pregnant.Let ’s take a look at what is the reason why my husband derailed during the pregnancy and the husband’ s derailment when he separated between us?

1. Keep calm

If you are derailed when you are pregnant, you must keep calm, because you are a pregnant woman and a mother who is breeding life.Although my husband is derailed, you must protect yourself when you are at any time. If you ca n’t keep calm, do something incredible or hurt your baby and your baby under impulse.

2. If your husband is framed, you can try to forgive

There are people who are the kind of people who drink cold water. Most of the society now talks about business on the wine farm. Drunk is unaware. At this time, it is easier to be drilled by others and being framed.If this is the reason that the husband derailed, the teacher thinks you can choose to forgive him. After all, this is not because of his original intention, but it is framed, although he betrayed you.

3. Husband has been derailed for a long time

In the first three months and the next three months of pregnancy, they cannot be the same. Some men can’t bear the loneliness to find a woman outside to meet his needs.Why is my husband’s derailment for a long time?Because he was ambiguous with other women before derailment, he had the idea of derailment long ago, but he didn’t find a suitable opportunity before, and your pregnancy was looking for a very appropriate opportunity for him.If your husband is in this situation, give him up.

4. Talk to your husband

The most important thing between husband and wife is communication. If your husband is derailed during your pregnancy, it is recommended that you talk to your husband and ask him the reason for derailment. Think about whether you should continue this paragraph.marriage.If you choose to continue this marriage, can he break the contact with Xiaosan and whether you can guarantee that he will not derail in the future.

1. Unable to perform sexual life

Both men and women have normal physiological needs. The separation of husbands and wives, which causes the husband and wife to be unable to have sex, and the needs of the husband cannot be resolved.If the opposite sex attracts men at this time, men will choose to derail.

2. Escape stress and pain

Men have tears and do not bounce lightly. Men will feel pain and stress. Men are also fragile, and they will feel sad.When a man feels stress, he wants someone to listen to the stressful things he feels, hoping that someone can give him comfort and strength.But if you separate from your husband, your husband can’t get your comfort. He wants someone to comfort him and will choose to derail.

3. No one is in charge

Women’s jealous skills are very strong. After marriage, women hope that men can keep a distance from other opposite sex, and do not make people misunderstand.When you are separated from the two places, there are no men in the man. You will not know what he is doing. At this time, he will get closer and closer to the confidante of the confidante. Anyway, you will not know it, and you will gradually be unscrupulous.

4. Can’t communicate in time

When you quarrel during the separation period of the two places, apology will become difficult. If you do n’t answer the phone, you do n’t reply to the message, so that the problem cannot be solved in time.Usually quarreling the Cold War, you only need to coax, hold it, buy a bunch of flowers, etc., which is very easy to solve.However, the separation between the two places can not see it, and the hug cannot be hugged. It makes it difficult to deal with the problem, and it is easy to have problems.

1. Peak career period

Men are bad when they have money. This sentence is right at all. When men have no money, they have no economic strength to support two women. However, when he has money, he can not only support a family, but also support N families.As long as you earn enough money, there are many women who love vanity and worship gold and worship the man who will be a primary three to men, which will expand men and easily derail.

2. When there is a confidante around you

Although there are also friends of the opposite sex around men, good men know how to keep distance from the opposite sex to avoid causing misunderstandings.But a man with bad thoughts, a female colleague who often works together, can easily make this man have bad thoughts, and you can’t hold it and easily derail.

3. When everything is stable

As the saying goes, warm and lust.When a man is rich and rich, it is easy to derail.Because he has nothing to worry about, he is boring, nothing does, it is easy to cause non -scoring thoughts.There is a goal to have motivation, sufficient everything, comfort, no one will fight, at this time, it is easy to think about it and derail.

If your marriage is being derailed, but you don’t know what to do. You can pay attention to your situation after paying attention to Teacher Fang.

The private letter teacher can get the guidance of the following issues:

1. What is the reason for his/her derailment?How to make Xiao San pay the price?

2. Does this marriage choose to continue or divorce?

3. If you continue this marriage, how can you make the marriage relationship more harmonious?

4. How to fight for your own interests if you choose to divorce?

I am Teacher Fang, a senior family marriage consultant who focuses on marriage restoration. I am good at analyzing the marriage relationship from the perspective of human nature, so that more people can gain happiness.

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