What should I do if my lower body is odor and panties soaked every day after pregnancy?

Many women are infected with mold vaginitis after pregnancy.Moobacteria vaginitis (VVC), also known as vaginal vaginal fake filament yeast disease, once known as vulvar vulva, is a common vulva -vulva inflammation caused by fake silk yeast, and is a more common vulvar vulvar inflammation disease during pregnancy.The most common incentives include large -dose antibiotics, gestational, diabetes, and application immunosuppressants.

Due to the decline in immunity, the increase in estrogen leads to a higher level of glycogenic glycogen. At the same time, the secretion of cervical glands has significantly increased the increase in vaginal secretions, and the local environment is humid.EssenceTherefore, women during pregnancy are more prone to repeated infections.

The most common manifestation of mold vaginitis during pregnancy is the itching and burning pain of the vulva, and the severity is different.

It will not only affect the physical and mental health of women during pregnancy, but even seriously affect the health of the fetus.Early breakdown, premature birth, amniotic fluid infection, chorionic amnioticitis, postpartum endometrial infection, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease.

Symptoms and diagnosis of mold vaginitis

It is mainly vulvar itching and burning, and vaginal secretions increase.It can also be accompanied by symptoms such as dysuria and pain in the same room;

Gynecological examination: flushing and edema of vulva, edema, scratching or cracking, the inside of the labia and vaginal mucosa adhesion white membranes, and more white bean residue -like secretions can be seen in the vagina, which can be condensed, which canComposition of body, yeast and pseudocellius;

Use 0.9% sodium chloride solution to wet slices or 10% potassium hydroxide wet slices or Gram -chromatin to check vaginal secretions. Find the germinated spore or pseudocelli of the fake yeast to find it.Further training or other experiments can prove that there are yeast fake feds.

Treatment of VVC during pregnancy

The "Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vaginal infection and Treatment of the US Centers for Disease Control in 2015" and "2018 European International Disease Control Alliance/The World Health Organization on the Administrative Guidelines for vaginal secretions (vaginal inflammation)" are recommended for pregnancy.

In the "2015 Guidelines for Vaginal infection and Treatment of the American Centers for Disease Control", it specifically emphasized that "only localazine drugs are recommended for pregnancy for one week."

Commonly used to treat VVC vaginal medication and administration solution:

Kercimazole vaginal tablets 500 mg, medication for a single medication;

Kercimazole vaginal tablets 200 mg, once a day, use 3D;

Mimonazole vaginal embolism 1200 mg, medication for a single medication;

Mimonazole vaginal bolt 400 mg, once a day, use 3D;

Ivonazole vaginal bolt 150 mg, a single medication.

Kercimazole is a broad -spectrum antifungal medicine. It has antibacterial effects on a variety of fungi, especially white fake silk yeast. The treatment of fungal vaginitis during pregnancy can effectively reduce the endless pregnancy ending and reduce the recurrence rate of the disease.Good safety.

In the consensus of experts in China, it is also clearly stated: "The profit and disadvantage of early pregnancy should be used with antifungal drugs. You can choose to be harmless to the fetus vaginal drug, and you cannot use oral antifungal drugs."

VVC prevention measures during pregnancy

① Ensure that the patient’s mold vaginitis is cured before pregnancy.Before pregnancy, patients need to go to the hospital for vaginal discharge check every month for three consecutive months. If the results of the three examinations are negative, the disease is healed.

② It is recommended to clean the pussy daily during pregnancy, once in the morning and evening.Under normal circumstances, you only need to wash the vulva with warm water (water); do not wash (rinse) to avoid damage to the acid and alkali balance of the vaginal itself.

③ Pregnant women should minimize the intake of spicy and sweet food.

④ Reasonable use of antibiotics and hormone drugs.

Special attention:

或 Symptoms of fake silk yeast for microscope testing or fungal culture need to be treated; asymptomatic women do not need to be treated; asymptomatic male sexual partners do not need to be treated.

药 Vaginal and oral medication treatments have the same efficacy and good effects; standard single doses and long treatments have the same effect.Women’s preferred vaginal administration during pregnancy.

得 vaginal pH is closely related to bacterial vaginitis, trichomoniasis infection and mixed infection, but the vaginal pH of Candida vaginitis can be normal.

药 It is recommended that the vagina should not be too deep, especially in the late pregnancy, so as not to cause premature breakthroughs in the fetal membrane.

Although the drug resistance is more and more common, it is still not recommended for the treatment of drug sensitivity test guidance.

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