What should I do if my maternal and breastfeeding mothers fever and cough?How to care for newborns?

Original title: What should I do if my maternal and lactating mothers have fever and cough?How to care for newborns?

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At present, how to deal with the prevention and control measures of the epidemic in many places. Under such circumstances, how should a maternal maternal as a special population respond?What should I do if I have infected with the new crown virus? What will affect the baby?How to care for newborns?The MDT team of the MDT team of the MDT team of the Obstetrics Department of the Union Hospital, the Department of Infection, the Department of Pharmacy, the Department of Pharmacy, and the Department of Respiratory Medicine will give you questions, and send it to the 8 questions that pregnant mothers are eager to know:

Q: What will happen to pregnant women infection with new crowns?

Answer: The degree of condition after pregnant women infection is similar to ordinary people. The main manifestations are uncomfortable fever, pain, cough, systemic muscle soreness, etc., usually within 1 week.Omikon mutant strains do not significantly increase the occurrence of maternal disease.

Q: What should I do after pregnant mothers infection?


1) Basic treatment: The symptoms are mild, uncomfortable without breathing, increased breathing frequency, and chest tightness, can be isolated at home. You only need to deal with symptomatic treatment, drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, and use physical cooling, such as warm water wiping and heating stickers.EssenceIf the cooling effect is not obvious, especially the temperature increases to 38.5 ° C or above, you can take drugs to reduce fever.

2) If pregnant mothers include gestational diabetes, hypertension during pregnancy, self -immune system diseases, heart disease, respiratory diseases and other basic diseases, the upper respiratory infection caused by the virus may increase the original condition.It also needs to pay attention to changes in the organs of the original basic disease, such as blood sugar, blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, etc.

Question: After pregnant women are infected, what happens to the hospital?


l Pregnant mothers should pay attention to fetal movement, abdominal tightness, vaginal flow, bleeding, etc.

l pregnant mothers have shortness of breathing (> 30 times/minute), difficulty breathing, purple lips, high fever (more than 38.5 ° C, more than 5 days), chest tightness and chest pain, palpitations and other symptomsWhen the oxygen monitor, when the blood oxygen saturation is less than 93%, the hospital needs to send a popular kidney consultation as soon as possible, and combined with the respiratory department and the obstetrics consultation.

Question: Precautions for medication after pregnant mothers?

1) Symptoms such as fever, pain, muscle soreness and other symptoms

The preferred drug: to the acetaminophenol

Usage and dosage: repeat the medicine once at 4-6 hours, 0.3g-0.6g at a time, and must not exceed 4 times in 24 hours

Note: The heating process needs to be replenished in time, because a large amount of sweat may cause dehydration

Follow the doctor’s advice: Chai Tie Qingning Capsules, Told and Silver Flower Oral Liquid, Lanqi oral solution, powerful cold tablets, etc.

At present, the commonly used compound cold medicine contains a variety of components, such as ephedrine and chlorophennamin are disabled during pregnancy. Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers take various compound cold medicines by themselves.

2) Cough

Cough is a kind of protective activity of the body. It can discharge the sputum and foreign objects in the respiratory tract, so as to keep the respiratory clean and unobstructed, which is conducive to physical health.Therefore, the occasional slight cough will be relieved with the discharge of sputum, without having to use cough drugs blindly.It should be noted that the first three months of pregnancy and the maternal feeding of breastfeeding should try to avoid using cough and expectorant.In the middle and late pregnancy, the right Michafin, bromine new, amproxyl, gly glycerin, white stamen particles, Suhuang cough particles, etc. need to be used in accordance with the doctor’s advice.

3) Nasal congestion, runny nose

Recommended drugs: physiological saline and sea salt water spraying agent

Usage and dosage: Wash the nasal cavity with physiological saline, and use nasal washing device to send the flushing solution (physiological saline or sea salt water) from one side of the nasal cavity, then flow out of the nasal cavity from the other side, and then rinse alternately.

Disable drugs: pseudocerine and pseudohadine compound preparations, Syrodoline, hydroxylralelin, etc.

4) What should I do if pregnant women can not eat meals in vomiting?What about diarrhea?

For a small amount, pay attention to drinking water, properly increased protein -rich foods and fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure the balance of heat energy and electrolyte.

Severe diarrhea: Recommended drugs: Meng Shi San, oral salt salt Ⅲ.

If the spirit is not good, the dehydration is obvious, and you should seek medical treatment in time.

5) Medicine

Due to the complex components, the lack of relevant data for maternal use of pregnant women, and many medicines contain ingredients that are not used in pregnant women. Generally, pregnant women are not recommended.Speed up, pregnant women are not recommended to use; there are also heat -clearing Chinese pills in the early pregnancy that can cause fetal malformations in the early stages of pregnancy, and take children’s intelligence in the later stages of pregnancy.Pills, poison paste, anti -inflammatory and detoxification pills, etc. Because of its strong power to attack and diarrhea, it is easy to cause abortion of pregnant women and should be disabled.

6) Antibacterial drugs

Antibacterial drugs commonly used in pregnant women such as penicillin, cephalosporin drugs are only targeted at bacterial, which does not work for the new coronary virus. Blind medication can easily cause bacterial resistance.

Question: Can the new crown during lactation be breastfeed?

Answer: You can continue breastfeeding.However, the intimate contact between maternal and infants during breastfeeding, and whether the new coronary virus can spread through breast milk is not concluded, and whether breastfeeding is depends on the feasibility of family protection.Before breastfeeding mothers, before breastfeeding or care, they have to do personal protection, such as soapy water washing hands, wearing N95 masks, regular cleaning and disinfection of the surface of the objects that the mother came into contact with the mother.If the mother’s symptoms are severe, it is recommended that the mother and baby areolate, and the breast milk can be pulled out with a special breast pump.The measures must be carried out on the basis of protection to reduce the chance of newborns infection.

If family members are infected, they need to avoid contact with Baoma and baby to reduce the risk of infection.

Question: Mother is positive after giving birth. Can newborns infect the new crown?

Answer: May.People in all ages are generally susceptible to the new coronary virus, and newborns are no exception.Newborns are more infected with new coronal viruses. The source of infection can come from a positive mother or other caregivers.For the first time of family members, the symptoms of symptoms or nucleic acid positive for the first nucleic acid to the newborn have a short time, with an average of about 2 days.

Question: How to observe whether the newborn has infected the new crown?

Answer: The symptoms of newborns and most people are the same, mostly light, and the most common clinical manifestations are fever, but the body temperature is moderate in moderate fever, and the heat is 1 ~ 5 d.The remaining symptoms include stuffy, runny nose, cough, difference, vomiting, diarrhea, and shortness of breath.If the newborn is exposed to the new crown -positive caregiver, the above symptoms occur, and the new crown is highly suspected, and the feasible pharynxue nucleic acid or antigen can be confirmed.

Question: The newborn infected with a new crown. What if heated?

Answer: It is recommended to use physical cooling methods to deal with physical cooling, such as loose packs cooling, bathing, wiping baths, etc. In addition, it is necessary to give it appropriately to feed, replenishment, etc.Newborn medication is a very professional job. Parents cannot use the medicine without authorization. They must consult a specialist.If the child has a high fever, the general situation is poor, the hands and feet are cold, the breathing difficulties, severe vomiting, or the problem of laxative and irritability, you need to go to the hospital for emergency treatment.

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