What should I do if my mothers have flatulence and constipation during pregnancy?You will be the happiest pregnant mother!

During pregnancy, Baoma was very uncomfortable because of pregnancy.However, in addition to these treasures, they also endure the pain of flatulence and constipation.

There are flatulence factors in the stomach during pregnancy

For pregnant mothers, when you are new to pregnancy, many hormones will be excreted in the body, so it will cause some changes.At this time, the pregnant mother will add a lot of progesterone to the body, so that the gastrointestinal activity will weaken and excrete too little gastric acid, so digestion will be difficult to compare.Regarding most pregnant mothers, flatulence will occur, and usually the first three months of pregnancy will be seriously compared.Originally, this was a normal scene. Bao moms did not need too much worry and would not have some impact on the baby.

In addition, in the middle and later stages of pregnancy, the uterus of the pregnant mother will expand.Very simple compression of the stomach and intestines, forming the intestines is not particularly simple activity.For some pregnant mothers with shortcomings in the stomach and stomach, the time of flatulence will be compared for a long time, and it will be reduced until four or five months of pregnancy.In addition, pregnant mothers should not eat some bad diets. Because they often eat some beans, maybe pasta, and drinking some carbonated drinks, they are simply showing the scene of flatulence.

How to reduce flatulence

1. Eat less meals to promote the digestion of the stomach

For some pregnant mothers with flatulence, they must improve their habit.Pregnant mothers can choose the method of eating less and meals, try to eat as little as possible when dining, and eat a few more meals. In this case, it can promote the digestion of the stomach and effectively reduce the feeling of abdominal fullness. It will be inevitable for flatulence.Reduce effect.

2. Pregnant mothers need defecation every day. Eat more vegetables and fruits in diet, so that they can effectively promote gastrointestinal activity.

In terms of diet, pregnant mothers eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as some high -fiber -rich foods.For example, eat some white, leek, spinach, lotus root, radish, etc. Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber.As for fruit, pregnant mothers can eat more apples and bananas, and some kiwi.Pregnant mothers eat more vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose, which can effectively promote intestinal activity.For pregnant mothers, when eating some foods, choose some semi -solid foods. Do not eat too much liquid food, which is not conducive to digestion.

3. Pregnant mothers should exercise often and go through some muscle activity to promote intestinal activity.

During pregnancy, the appropriate exercise of every day can reduce the bloating during pregnancy.The pregnant mother can take a walk accompanied by the family after eating every day.

During pregnancy, some pregnant mothers may also suffer from constipation.For some pregnant mothers with constipation, I feel particularly sad. The stomach not only feels particularly swelling, but also does not appetite.And pregnant mothers dare not take some laxatives, fearing that laxatives will affect their children.Why do pregnant mothers be constipated, and how can they cure constipation?

Why do pregnant mothers be constipated?

For pregnant mothers, many hormones will be excreted in the body during pregnancy.Because the placenta in the stomach will excrete many progesterone, the gastric acid excretion in the stomach and intestines will be reduced, causing some muscle tension in the stomach to decrease.Therefore, when the pregnant mother eats some food, she will stay in the stomach and stomach for many times, and cannot be discharged normally.In addition, the dysfunction of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is reduced and muscles are weak, so it is difficult to remove stools.

How to reduce constipation

1. Pregnant mothers should eat more fruits and vegetables and miscellaneous grains, which is conducive to defecation.

2. When I get up every morning, I will develop their outstanding habits regularly.

3. Drink more water to promote intestinal absorption, which is conducive to defecation.

4. Pregnant mothers must insist on exercising every day and promote gastrointestinal activity.

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