What should I do if my pregnant mother cat has a cold and runny nose

The pregnant female cat was relatively weak. At this time, there was a cold and runny nose. The owner should take measures in time to help the female cat dealt with. Otherwise, the female cat will become weakerTherefore, the owner needs to pay attention to some aspects. The owner can use the following measures to help the female cat recover as soon as possible:

1. Keep warm for female cats.

Cats may generally appear in cold, because the cat’s pregnancy is weaker than usual. If it is not particularly hot weather, you still need to pay more attention to the warmth.You can cover your body with a small blanket when you rest, and the temperature of the food should be paid attention to. You can eat it after heating, and prepare more warm water for the cat to drink.

2. Cold the female cat.

If the cat still has some sneezing, cough, etc., the above -mentioned moves may be very effective. Maybe the cat with a big belly at this time will still feel uncomfortable, so the owner can also take some other treatment for the cat.For example, you can feed the cat’s meow, mix it in the food together, and do not let the cat jump up and jump, pay more attention to some cats.

3. Supplement nutrition for female cats.

Most people also feel that they consume a lot of energy and nutrition that consumes the body, so the cat’s cold is also the same. At this time, nutritional supplements are necessary for cats. So in addition to daily staple food, the owner can add some to the cat to add some of the cats.Supplementary foods, you can also feed cats more fruits and vegetables. The vitamins and cellulose contained in it are helpful to the recovery of cats, but it is still appropriate, because the kitten’s head is too large for cats to produce a burden when producingEssence

In the end, if a cat has other severe symptoms, take it to the hospital for examination in time. Because the cat is pregnant is a major thing, the owner still needs to take good care of the cat’s body.

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