What should I do if my pregnant woman is infected with a new crown?Don’t panic, experts support you!

【Qingdao News Network Exclusive】

(Reporter Li Litao Ning Guanyu)

How should pregnant women do a good job of protecting during the epidemic? How should we deal with the new coronal virus after infection? Will it affect the fetus after infection? With the further adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, many families with pregnant women are very related to related topics.Caring for these issues, recently, the reporter interviewed Fan Dongmei, deputy director of the Obstetrics Center of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital of Qingdao City, taught everyone scientifically to prevent epidemic prevention and correctly cope with the new crown virus infection.

Try to avoid infection, how should pregnant women protect it?

At the beginning of the interview, Director Fan Dongmei reminded the majority of mothers to protect the first responsible person of their health during the epidemic.Maintain the room at home or office to keep the room ventilated and open windows regularly; do not go to the place where the crowd gathers; wear a mask when going out, wear a N95 mask when going to the hospital for a check -up, "fast check -away"; Try to avoid touching public places with your hands. If you must use a paper towel, you can touch it with a paper towel in time; a balanced diet and exercise moderately to make your body be in the best state; if you have positive patients in the family, you must be isolated and reduce pregnant womenOpportunity.

What should I do after pregnant women infection?

Regarding how to deal with the infection, Director Fan Dongmei said: Don’t panic! Maternal women may be more nervous after finding new positives, but the symptoms of maternal maternal infection in clinical clinic are the same as ordinary people. Some of them have no obvious symptoms.Dry, cough, runny nose, soreness, fever and other symptoms, usually have improved in three or four days, and will gradually recover in one week.

If the symptoms of pregnant women do not need to panic, they should rest at home, drink plenty of water, and eat a balanced nutrition. It is not necessary to go to the hospital because it is not necessary. Because the hospital lining up, waiting, physical consumption, etc. in the hospital, it is often not conducive to the rehabilitation of pregnant women.

In terms of medication, Director Fan Dongmei said that the pregnant maternal maternal was prioritized to use warm baths such as warm baths and warm baths with warm water.You can also choose some safe Chinese medicines or antipyretic medicines, but you must follow the doctor’s advice when taking medicine. Do not take the medicine blindly.Especially when taking antipyretics, be sure to choose a single medicine, do not take multiple drugs at the same time.

You need to seek medical treatment in time!

"Although it is advocated that it is not necessary to go to the hospital, if the following situations, they must seek medical treatment in time!" Director Fan Dongmei explained that he should pay close attention to fetal movement after 28 weeks of pregnancy.

If pregnant women find vaginal bleeding, regular contractions, etc., they will be a primary sign; or the fever will continue, accompanied by symptoms such as chest pain, chest tightness, and dyspnea.

In particular, pregnant women with hypertension and diabetes need to pay special attention. Once headaches are accompanied by symptoms such as increased blood pressure, they must also go to the hospital for a hot consultation.

Will the new crown be contagious? How can the new crown -positive pregnant woman give birth?

Infection in the new crown during pregnancy, because the placenta barrier can play a good protective role, and generally it will not be transmitted to the baby.However, if it is infected with postpartum, the mother needs to protect it when contacting the newborn, wear the N95 mask, and try to avoid transmitting the virus to the baby.

Regarding how to give birth after infection, Director Fan Dongmei said that whether there is a new crown or a new crown or a cesarean section, it is determined by the obstetrician to evaluate the situation of the pregnant woman. The pregnant mothers should not be too anxious.

Can I breastfeed after being infected with the new crown?

Director Fan Dongmei said that if the mother is infected with the new crown during breastfeeding, it can be breastfeed in principle, because the immunoglobulin, immune cells, immune factors, and rich nutrients contained in breast milk cannot be compared with formula powder.In the special period of the new crown, the baby needs more breast milk protection and the care of the mother’s safety attachment. Breastfeeding is more demand than ever.

If you are infected with new crowns during pregnancy, breastfeeding can be performed after childbirth.However, during breastfeeding, my mother should pay attention to hand washing and breast hygiene, and wear the N95 mask to avoid transmitting the virus to the baby.After breastfeeding, the mother should replenish the liquid and rest in time to recover as soon as possible.

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