What should I do if my skin is deteriorated, can pregnant women care for skin care?

As the "most beautiful" crowd in the world, they must not be fragrant, they cannot step on high heels, and they must not make all kinds of cosmetics.Can pregnant women use skin care products?How should pregnant women skin care?It’s time to talk about the things about pregnancy and skin care.

During the pregnancy, the hormone secreted by the body will change, which will cause various skin problems. What are the specifics? Let’s take a look.

In fact, it can be seen from the skin constructor: Most skin care products can only act on the skin epidermal layer, which can not reach the dermis layer at all, which means that it cannot enter our blood, which will cause harm to the body and even the fetus.

Since it is safe to use skin care products, how should pregnant women care for skin care?

▲ Skin structure diagram

Many expectant mothers dare not use their usual skin care products after pregnancy, thinking that these chemicals will hurt their babies.However, pregnant women’s skin is particularly sensitive and must not help but do care.So, how should pregnant mothers choose their own skin care products, and how can she care for the skin without affecting the fetus?

▲ Mild cleansing

Cleaning: The skin is very sensitive during pregnancy. Each time you wash your face, you should use a mild soap -free cleansing product, such as some pure plants with facial cleanser and clean skin.

Acne control: Some expectant mothers will cause acne during pregnancy, and some active ingredients in anti -acne products should be used with caution 3 months before pregnancy.Therefore, you can choose natural skin care products while paying attention to cleaning.Such products are usually refreshing and breathable and will not cause burden.

▲ Apply the mask to moisturize and moisturize

Resisting: The stratum corneum of some pregnant women during pregnancy is thickened, making the face particularly dry. Therefore, the use of deep moisturizing products to nourish nourishment of pure natural moisturizing products is the focus of daily skin care.

Prevention: According to surveys, about 1/3 of pregnant women will have pregnancy spots during pregnancy. If they use mercury -containing freckle removal products, they may "harm" their babies.Therefore, it is recommended to temporarily suspend whitening products or pure natural moisturizing products to control the development of pigmentation.

Sunscreen: This is the most important thing for pregnant women. The skin during pregnancy will be particularly sensitive to light, so sunscreen must be sunscreen regardless of home or out.Many people regard the sun spots that do not pay attention to sun protection as pregnancy spots. As a result, they cannot be eliminated after pregnancy.

▲ Proper sunscreen is needed all year round

Simple: Daily skin care steps must be simple, do not cause burden on the skin, try to use some natural hydrating and moisturizing skin care products to care.

Skin care private:

During pregnancy, the skin is particularly sensitive to ultraviolet rays. In addition to hydrating and moisturizing, sunscreen is a very important lesson during pregnancy. Even in autumn and winter, you need to apply non -irritating sunscreen, and it is best to bring a parasol when you go out ~

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